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Drumpf roasts Asst. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to warm him up for the final act. (Gage Skidmore)

White House Set Up Rosenstein

Source: Drumpf orchestrated Justice Department leaks

“You know why Drumpf isn’t screaming, ‘Fake News’ about the Rosenstein story? Because he ordered me to leak it.”

The resistance and the rats

”You wouldn’t believe what they have on Drumpf. The man thinks he’s covering his trail, but stuck in the pile of dirt that covers his trail is a sign that says, ‘dig here.’”

Jew or not a Jew?

“Drumpf is Karl Rove with the business and management skills of a squirrel. He’ll let the country fall to pieces from inattention, but cross him, even unintentionally, and he’ll find a way make your life so bad the seventh circle of hell looks like a great place to move.”

Firing Rod Rosenstein is old news. The important thing is Mueller will brief Rosenstein’s replacement and that replacement will tell Drumpf everything. We remove the evidence, Drumpf’s in the clear and Mueller looks like he spent billions of dollars on a witch hunt.

Preemptive leaking

”That’s the Drumpf playbook. If you can’t see it coming — which he can’t ninety percent of the time — it’s Fake News. If you know you’re going to do something that might cost votes, or GOP support, make it Old News.”

”Drumpf thought he could send Federal employees to a firing squad. Still does, actually. Kelly decided to let Jeff Sessions break the news that it would be illegal.”

“We call it ‘narcotic dissembling.’ The more we obscure, distract and complicate the narrative, the more likely we are to lull Americans into a narcotic slumber from which they won’t wake until 2021 when it will be too late to stop him.”

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