Woman Screaming Into Phone On Crowded Train Has Shit To Do

Tyler Holme
Mar 8 · 2 min read

Carrying on a personal conversation as though she were in the privacy of her own home when in fact she was on the subway with about 30 other passengers, local woman Cynthia Field shouted into her phone that she couldn’t make it to Darnell’s party tonight because she has “shit to do,” sources said Friday night.

“Nuh-uh! I’m going to my mom’s that’s why, damn,” she exclaimed seemingly oblivious of those occupying the same space as her.

Fields went on to tell the person on the other line, who was evidently very hard of hearing, “I’m not dealing with his punk ass no more!” Later adding, “If it pop off, it pop off,” in a volume that established her as the most important person on the train.

After a fit of laughter that witnesses say lasted at least a full minute and a half, Fields appeared to have a change of heart. She declared Darnell could “get some if he really want some,” then triumphantly exited the train to the visible relief of the rest of the passengers.

As of press time, we are unable to confirm whether Cynthia was able to give Darnell some or if he even wanted any in the first place.

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