You Lucky Dog

Your Chance at Medium Glory

Hey there all you Medium nuts! Ev here!

How the heck are ya?

I’m great! The Williamses have been enjoying a righteous summer. We just got back from skiing in Belize. We had snow flown in. It was nice.

To rest up from that excitement, we’re heading to Paris to spend time with a friend whose name I promised not to divulge.

Unfortunately, we can’t take our family dog, Day Z Williams, along with us. It’s a real shame. Apparently, Elon is allergic to canine fur, canine saliva, and canine breath. Day Z has such an adorable face, I’m afraid Elon wouldn’t be able to resist planting a big wet smooch on her fuzzy melon. Nobody wants Elon to go into anaphylactic shock, especially Elon. Right Elon?

So if anyone out there is willing to dog-sit our pup for a few days, I’d be mighty grateful. She’s a sweetie. Check her out –

In return for your help, I’ll reward you with an Amazon gift card with a few bucks left on it as well as an autographed copy of my forthcoming autobiography: Forever and Ever, Ev. It’s got photos. It’s awesome!

OK — gotta Turtle Wax my drone.

Keep up all that good writin’!

~Ev (4-EV-R!)

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