So you want to learn about Jazz…

The best way to learn about jazz is to listen to jazz. That said, put some jazz on your playlist WHILE you read some books about jazz.

Here’s a link to a classic jazz playlist on Spotify to get you started.

I went through a huge jazz phase, sparked by reading this novel: In War Times, by Kathleen Ann Goonan. It’s a SF/Alternate history set in the early jazz age and talks a lot about the music. I made a playlist of the music mentioned in it: In War Times (Kathleen Ann Goonan), a playlist by Mark Watkins on Spotify. I think it’s really fun to work your way from early jazz to late jazz, learning along the way.

For non-fiction about Jazz, consider But Beautiful by Geoff Dyer or Max Gordon’s stories from the Village Vanguard, the mecca of Jazz.

Here’s a list of more great books about jazz — add your own!

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