The Grocery Store-Conscious Grocery Store Shopper

Now listen here young-upstart. You may have heard before that the health-conscious grocery shopper sticks to the perimeter of the store, buying only whole foods and avoiding the processed stuff. But what a load of rubbish that is! You’re here to buy a grocery store, not groceries!

The ultimate grocery store-conscious grocery store shopper inspects every square inch with a certified grocery store inspector.

He asks wise questions like, “how much does this cost?” and “do the groceries come with it?.” Especially that last question. Trust me, I’m experienced in these kind of dealings.

Who am I?

Well I thought you’d never ask, dear young-upstart. For I am the Grocery Store-Conscious Grocery Store Shopper-Conscious Shopper. And me thinks I’m ready to make a purchase!



*hands over sack of cash*

*legally buys the young-upstart*