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This round’s on me. A glass of water for all please.

Trust me, your body’s gonna love it.

I was never a fan of this plain liquid. Why can’t I have a glass of juice or a cola instead?
I have spent 4 years of my undergrads drinking more litres of cola and aerated drinks everyday than water. My roommates would often show concern why that one bottle I had was never taken to the kitchen. That did not bother me much then. It was probably one of those presumably cool things we did.
Now I see what a good idea that was. I am a Type 2 Diabetic since 2 years now and all my bad habits throughout my teens and early 20s got me here.
Not so cool now huh!

Your lifestyle means everything and is the 1st thing you should look after. Everything else, literally everything else can wait.

I want to emphasise an entire article to this title because water is one free thing that will mend everything. Let’s get started.

  • Joint Pains:
    Water makes up 80% of the binding pieces of our joints and spine. A deficiency will reduce the shock absorbing capacity of these structures. Say the next time your you knock your against the center table edge, be prepared for a long and painful day. Long term dehydration will make them extremely fragile and prone to injury.
  • Maintains dental hygiene:
    Yes, water is used to clean the mouth. Apart from flushing out particles, it forms saliva. Saliva is essentially water and is responsible for enabling digestion. Low water content in our body will reduce production of saliva will not only cause overall dryness and an uneasy feeling in your mouth, nose and eyes, but also make it difficult for you to chew and swallow.
    It is normal to replace the old guy water with a fancy carbonated and sweetened beverage. Guess what? Not only is it bad for your gut, it starts causing damage on its way as well. That coke you relish with fries is helping speed up tooth decay. You know what not to order next time.
    Also, you do not want to make room for that bad breath you despise so much.
  • Blood circulation
    It becomes a no brainer once I remind you that blood is >90% water. All the good things you eat need to be carried to all parts of your body and the blood is our Uber! Low levels of water in the system will reduce the transport of essential nutrients. Water itself being 1/3rd oxygen is an essential O2 carrier as well. Want your skin to heal and glow? Chug Chug Chug!
  • It will help flush away the toxins.
  • You’ll be more alert and your brain functioning will improve drastically.
  • People suffering from stomach burns and gastric issues, it’s a no brainer and a must do.

A glass of water before going to bed

Good amount of your body fluids are consumed even when you’re asleep. Majority of your digestion, body repair and cleansing happens during hours of slumber. One 500ml/15oz(more than this will wake you up for washroom runs) water intake before bed will aid your metabolism and keep you hydrated throughout the night.
Not only will you sleep better but also you will end up sleeping break free which means waking up with a better mood.

Drink up as you go about your day

Make it a habit to carry around a small water bottle wherever you go. Ask for a glass of water before you start eating. The quantity does not matter as long as you keep sipping throughout your day. Initially, you will be taking frequent bathroom breaks. Within a week’s time or so your body will get accustomed to it and start using the water rather than outright flushing it away.
Your overall mood will be better. Your system will start getting cleaner. You will eat lesser portions. Your metabolism will improve. You will not dehydrate easily.

A glass of water immediately after you wake up

I cannot emphasise enough on the benefits you’ll reap by choosing hydration as your 1st chore of the day. Since our body is mostly busy with metabolic actions during sleep, we wake up dehydrated.
Our body tries to primarily extract water out of everything we consume. So if you wake up feeling hungry in the morning, it’s just your body’s way of asking for something and anything it can extract fluids from.
Keep a glass of water by your bedside. Drink it up once you wake up and go about your day. You will feel a drastic change in your mood and body. Try water-fasting once a week.

Few things to keep in mind:

  • It will take some time for your body to get accustomed to fluids. Allow it.
  • Drinking water doesn’t necessarily mean you have to consume it in it’s plain form. You can mix it up by consuming water rich food and beverages. Avoid fruit juices and beverages though. You don’t want to increase your sugar and caffeine intake. Try adding lemons, cucumbers, ginger, honey and others natural flavors.
  • Do not over-dose. You will end up flushing away important minerals in blood.
  • Try drinking water at room temperature. Ice-chilling water will slow down your metabolism. If you can manage to sip luke warm water, that’s one merrier option.
  • Do not miss out on your before and after bed glasses.
  • Try water rich fruits and vegetables. They will make you feel full too while eating clean.

Someone told me this recently. Allow whatever you eat or drink to sit 30mins inside your body and watch how you feel & you will know if it is helping or harming. Let your body speak to you and watch out for the hits it drops.

Wishing you health. Thank you for reading.

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