Developing Your Own Personal Health Care System

You are the one responsible for the health of your teeth. Choosing the right dental professional is important and so is having a strategy to follow to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Oral health care is important for aesthetic reasons and for your overall health.

Your mouth is highly visible and a confident smile is a way to present yourself in the best light possible. Many professionals and entrepreneurs in Los Angeles spend time reading up on personal branding yet may give little thought to oral health care.

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums for the smile that shows you in the best light possible means more than quick brushing and using whitening strips. Here is a holistic approach to oral health.

Dr. Sam Saleh, owner of Ora Dentistry Spa, offers a handy reference guide on the Oral Hygiene Instructions page.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water because saliva is your friend when it comes to washing away bacteria and food particles that could get lodged between your teeth and breed bacteria.

Drinking regular and diet sodas or acidic juices is not hydrating. The acid can slowly erode your tooth enamel.

Eat Properly

Some things we need to do never change. Vegetables like broccoli are great because they contain calcium and so are dairy foods like cheese and yogurt.

Brush Well

You can get by for a while on social brushing by scrubbing your teeth quickly before you go out. But a power toothbrush like one that’s battery operated with soft bristles is a smart move. Many styles and models are available.


Yep, floss twice a day or when you feel some food lodged between your teeth. It’s not easy when racing out the door to an appointment or before going to bed if you’re tired at night. However, just plan to floss between a few teeth. Give yourself a do-able goal. It’s like exercising. Once you start, you’ll be surprised how many you end up flossing.

Visit the Dentist

Regular teeth cleanings and check-ups prevent continued build-up of plaque. There are other professional services, too, such as teeth whitening and no prep veneers.

These may be more cosmetic, but they can help boost confidence and give you a confident smile. Some procedures like veneers may give you a more accurate bite, too.

Dr. Sam Saleh treats professionals in entertainment and executives from around Los Angeles. He’ll also examine the mouth quickly to make sure there are no infections or signs of any problems that may be developing.

Your mouth really is a health gateway to your body. On Ora Dentistry, you can see which services you may find most beneficial.

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