How Digital Dentistry Reduces Fear and Anxiety of the Dentist

Dental anxiety shakes some people so badly that they won’t go to the dentist. Various fears penetrate the psyche quite deeply: loss of control, being embarrassed, and pain. Once reputations are built, they have a hard time changing.

Restorative and cosmetic dentistry is relatively new and it wasn’t that long ago that people went to the dentist because they had an ache of some sort. And they needed to get a tooth filled or removed which also had some pain, even with the widespread use of local anesthetic.

A Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sam Saleh, is well aware that between 9% and 20% of Americans won’t go to the dentist, according to a write-up on WebMD, “Easing Dental Anxiety in Adults.”

He’s established his practice on Rodeo Drive, Ora Dentistry Spa, to combine the latest dental technology in a spa-like setting. Celebrities and executives from all industries have appreciated the comfortable setting that includes fresh flowers and options for massages.

Patients who have a university education are among those most likely to suffer dental anxieties. An article online at RDH titled “High Anxiety in the Dental Office” reports on a University of Toronto Study that youths and those who are highly educated may have their minds on high alert that the visit is likely to be painful.

Dental offices that increasingly use digital tools are giving patients better service by often reducing the length of treatments and that means fewer appointments. The use of CAD/CAM systems lets him easily consult with patients on procedures like veneers, same day porcelain crowns, and even a bridge. There is less mess and the work is scanned and designed efficiently and with less discomfort than traditional approaches.

Dr. Saleh says dentistry is a “technique sensitive” profession, meaning that the dentist still has to have an artistic eye and the digital equipment enhances the professional skills. When done well, restorations can last for decades making skilled cosmetic dentistry highly cost-effective when compared to other cosmetic procedures.

Digital dentistry is playing an important role in giving patients a sense of control and partnership with the dentist. The tools may not completely relieve dental anxiety, but in Ora Dentistry Spa when the convenience is combined with comfort in a relaxed setting then a new standard for a dental practice has been set.

Ora Dentistry Spa is designed for relaxation and comfort while maintaining the highest dental standards. See professional results on the website’s Smile Gallery page.

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