What to Know Before You Get Veneers

Veneers can improve your smile by correcting misaligned teeth and even repositioning them. While veneers can seem like a good idea, patients often have questions about the impact on their teeth and tooth structure.

Confidence and trust in your dental professional are important for you to feel that you are being well cared for. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Sam Saleh of Ora Dentistry Spa on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is easily accessible to the general public and his patients through his social media postings.

He recently taped a Q&A on YouTube, Dr. Sam Saleh Q&A Episode 1, where he answered practical questions about veneers. The video is only a few minutes long and yet it’s quite informative.

Getting Started with Veneers

X-rays are always the first step in getting started with a veneer treatment to ensure that work is being done on a healthy foundation.

Many patients have fillings that are fine condition. If Dr. Saleh finds a filling that is decaying then he would remove the old filling and put in a new one so a clean base is created. Then it would be time to prep for the veneer.

About the Veneer

On the Veneer page of the Ora Dentistry Spa, a description of veneers highlights the benefits of porcelain. It remains attractive for a long period of time because it doesn’t stain like resin. Gum tissue tolerates porcelain well and minimizes the risks of problems developing with the gums.

Once the Veneer is Bonded

Veneers become one with the natural tooth structure, as Dr. Saleh explains on the video. There is no gap and the tooth will remain healthy with proper brushing, flossing, and regular visits to the hygienist for cleaning.

Dr. Saleh’s use of digital dentistry keeps any mess during the procedure to a minimum and the equipment enhances his artistic eye. That’s important for the veneer to blend in naturally with your mouth and smile.

While veneers are excellent for achieving a confident smile, Dr. Saleh writes on his website to not underestimate the corrective impact of veneers. “Veneers can improve crooked and crowded teeth better than what two years of braces could ever achieve. They will last for many years.”

Stay up to date on important information related to cosmetic dentistry and the procedures that are most beneficial for you. Visit the Ora Dentistry Spa blog.

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