Bad Habits

LUM3N (CC0 license)

Surely we’ve got it backwards.

This courting dance that people do in the first few months of being together, it’s all about presenting your best side to reel them in. It’s about hiding your more disgusting habits and making sure the kitchen is clean.

Surely we keep up the facade too long. Why not reveal that you are a slob who leaves dirty socks on the kitchen floor before the giddy height of limerence rubs off? Why not start with the unkempt hair and slobby clothes early so that there isn’t a continued expectation of shiny brands, pretty hair and make-up?

When it is sheer torture to be away from each other, it’s a lot easier to ignore the lengths of used tooth floss hanging from the shower caddy or the pile of dishes in the kitchen sink. It’s easier to ignore dog hairs in the bed sheets when the passion is new and intense.

Hook them with personality and charm and when they are giggling at your terrible jokes, let it all hang out! There shall be no nasty surprises later when the drug of new love has worn off. There shall be no accusations of misrepresentation!

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