What my experiences taught me (Part One)

From four years in Covenant University


As at the time of writing this, I just finished from Covenant University, with a B Sc Computer Science… and I must say, it was no easy road getting here. But I've learnt… learnt a lot.

I came into Covenant university as a boy (i’m the one on the left)

Here goes…

Not everyone who’s older than you, has something to offer you.

Most don’t. I always thought living on earth equated to gaining wisdom and insight. I always thought the longer you live in this challenge filled world the smarter you become cause of your experiences. That is not the case.

“A choice to choose is a choice and a choice not to choose is a choice not to choose”
- unknown

Our experiences always teach us lessons, but we are the only ones who can choose to learn from them. We are burdened with the responsibility to reflect on the activities of our daily life and how they affect us and to learn to make better decisions thereafter. That’s how we grow.

Some people don’t do that and when they don’t, then they remain the same person they were before their experiences. technically getting older but not growing up.


The best way to predict the future is to create it

Well not technically. But you get the point.

I first heard this from the Vice Chancellor at my orientation in my freshman year in the University. I immediately had an inkling to it.

I once agreed with Dorris Day when she sang

Que Sera, Sera Whatever will be will be

But no Dorris! Whatever will be will not be. We are the authors of our destiny, and the handlers of our faith. If we don’t work towards our goals our goals wouldn't work towards us.

I mean… lets be realistic here. When has the mountain ever come to Mohammed?

You are an individual and you are unique in your own way

That was a deliberate act of God. Its easy to think we are all the same and what works for him/her has to work for me. Its easy to copy the norm and to give in to social pressure to be a certain kind of person.

But that is murder

When you give into social pressure, you loose yourself and when you do, you rub the world of yourself and your uniqueness.

God is the great artist. No element of his design is for naught. Your allergy to that kind of food, your tendency to cry or laugh like a maniac for the littlest of things, the passion you feel in your heart when you hear a particular topic being discussed, its all by design.

Your feelings and your values are not a mistake. You are unique. Embrace it.

With practice and consistency, you can learn or be anything you want.

Even without a talent. One of my biggest learning experiences was when i taught my self programming, well technically the author of the book i read and help from a few friends helped the process but you get my point.

My knowledge of programming prior to the time was zero. Within two weeks i had finished reading “PHP for Dummies”, andideas started popping in my head. Ikept trying this and that. “can i make a blog”, “how can i make the image scroll from one side to another”, “how does Facebook friending work”, “i wonder how twitter database is”, all these questions guided my curiosity and i got lost in the programming world. I always said

I didn't choose programming, Programming chose me

Consistent practice and three years later, i had worked on countless projects (most for free). Stood out as a “tech” guy in school and also represented my University in national competitions which we came second. And represented Nigeria Globally in the GITEX conference in Dubai.

ISPON National Programming competition in Tinapa, Calabar

I never thought i’d go this far. It just happened. Consistency and practice always pays off. Even when you’re ignorant of it.

Bad days are the best days. Cherish them

Challenges ignite deep thoughts that eventually reveal to you who you really are and draw you closer to God. On our worst days we see our selves for who we truly are. Our flaws are highlighted and our core needs becomes obvious.

“A situation that has the capacity to bring you down has the same equal capacity to lift you up” - Apostle Arome

When we are hurt, we tend to evaluate the world and our choices in a very deep and thoughtful way. Its as though any obstruction or glass through which we used to see the world, is removed and for that moment, however long it may last, we see our lives and our selves for what we truly are.

Its an indispensable moment of clarity

Cherish these moments. They are the moments that change the course of our lives. We can’t stop bad things from happening, But we can use the opportunity of that wisdom to make clearer paths towards our future.

For the sake of brevity, i decided to split this post into two parts

UPDATE: You can read the second part here

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