The notion of tabula rasa

Published in Fashion Street Spring & Summer 2014

The first to use this expression was Aristotle but for centuries nobody really understood this idea. According to tabula rasa’s empirical approach, our personality, social and emotional behaviour and intelligence are all formed after our birth. All our knowledge comes from our environment, education and studies. The fashion tycoons have all studied their predecessors, similarly to the musicians and writers who also knew their forerunners. Simply because they strived to contradict them or create something superior or different.

Tabula rasa appears in fashion with reaching back to the past, questioning it and placing it into a modern context. It is the very own dynamism of this notion. However, before we could get used to it, it shows yet another face, something what appears to be familiar but of course it is completely new. This makes fashion so unique and alluring.

The time has come in the life of Fashion Street to end a chapter, and respecting all traditions, immediately open new dimensions. Fashion Street opened five years ago. Since its birth, it has become a symbolic jewel in the center of Budapest. We believe that this dynamism has to appear on the pages of our printed magazine, as well as in our digital publications in the future. Hence, we dedicated ourselves to make a step, and create something fresh. We accepted that without questioning ourselves, it is fairly difficult to progress. As a result, we redefined ourselves and reached a new phase in our history.

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