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Who Is Really Reopening America?

The unspoken corruption behind the reopening of the United States

All 50 states are prepared to start reopening and it is going to result in massive suffering, corruption, and tragedy.

It’s starting to sound like businesses and many workers alike are eager to reignite their means of life. I’m hearing about all this public backlash against social distancing measures. Protests in Michigan, California, New York, Oregon, and so on. Americans just can’t wait any longer! Reopen and reopen now!. Right-wing Trumpian politicians claim that it is the fire felt from these protesters and the overwhelming voices of the American people that are causing them to expedite the economic reopening. But to this, we should all be very skeptical as the math doesn’t add up.

I’ve been closely following the protests this week. With a few exceptions of people who just really want to support their families, many of the protesters highlighted share a common theme of Tea Party, libertarian pro-gunners with a dash of Jim Crow who think the lockdown is a hoax. Despite what New Yorkers and San Franciscans may think, this is not the common mindset of everybody in the landmass that lies between them and the data is there to show it. So why does this American opinion of “reopening” look so strong and who is responsible for amplifying it?

First, let’s set it straight that there is a lot more data showing that Americans do not want to reopen the economy yet. In a recent joint study joint published by Harvard, Northeastern, and Rutgers, 23,000 Americans across all 50 states were surveyed about their opinions on the topic of reopening the economy and social distancing measures. The results? 93% of the group did NOT believe that America should immediately reopen. On the contrary, those surveyed were in strong support of social distancing measures. This research is supported by more modest claims. Pew Research Center published survey results that 68% of Americans “say their greater concern is that state governments will lift coronavirus-related restrictions on public activity too quickly.” Whereas “Fewer than half as many (31%) say their greater concern is that states will not lift restrictions quickly enough”. 23% of Americans are libertarians (Public Religion Research Institute), which would constitute the majority of people holding the former opinion. The overwhelming resistance to reopening is further supported by surveys from Ipsos/ABC, UCLA, and others.

These results, though not absolute, should only increase your level of concern. If the survey results are as universally aligned as they seem, then it means that both state and federal government bodies are not acting on behalf of the majority. Instead, politicians that are executing what may end up being the most pivotal decisions in American history with motives that are in alignment with a non-majority populace. Are they doing it on behalf of that small populace? No. It is more likely they are taking advantage of preexisting conditions to operate a more subversive campaign.

Who Is Making The Dangerous Decision To Reopen

The motives behind the radical actions being taken to reopen the American economy and ease social distancing measures are anything but transparent, but it is clear that the US’s deep-pocketed economic elite and their greasy palmed political puppets are masterminding something instrumental.

The first thing I want to do when I hear that the governors of Texas, Georgia, and Colorado are racing to be the first states to full reopen is think that they are stupid. But politicians of that rank and higher (Trump included) are not fools. More often than not, they are genius in at least one category, even if that makes them genius bigots. Tricking their opponents into denying the existence of their enemy’s intelligence is too often part of the well-crafted ploy. It’s called playing dumb. It’s much like “playing dead” in a survivalist wildlife scenario. If your prey believes you are not of any threat, they might just leave you alone and, maybe, when they turn their back on you…you can slit their throat and feed on their carcass. So let’s remember that these governors are smart so that we too can call ourselves politically savvy. And if they are smart then that means that they have a plan. But what is it?

Here are the possible motives for politicians in favor of reopening: Personal political aspirations, pleasing voting constituents, or pleasing their major backers who are most responsible for their successful campaigns. These are the three things that politicians act based on. Sometimes they intersect but, most of the time, they only appear to act in harmony, while, in truth, the motive is much more complicated.

I’d bet my unemployment check (whenever I actually get it) that the public’s health is not a factor in these decisions. These politicians may not be scientists but, even if they deny it on camera, they know how serious the threat of the virus is. Second-guessing that is playing into their bluff. When we believe that they think they are acting on “what they truly believe”, we get frustrated, and the more frustrated we are, the weaker of an opponent we are. That’s a defining difference between the right and left. The left tries its best to avoid aggressive and hostile front-end tactics. The right embraces them as God’s tools to shape. Leaders on the left classically prefer to be well behaved. When political leaders on the left yell, it is because they have lost control. When political leaders on the right yell, it is because they meant to yell all along. On the inside, they are calm and collected. They use different levels of anger and mockery to inspire their followers. New age figurehead leftist politicans are recognizing the power of volume and aggression that is used on the right and adopting it themselves. Examples include many speeches of Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, and Elizabeth Warren. If you aren’t afraid to scream what you are actually feeling into the mic, people may be more inclined to listen and think they are empathetic to your frustrations.

Anyways, these governors are surrounded by Ivy League advisors with MBAs and PhDs. They have private elite doctors monitoring their health daily during this crisis. They know that pollution hurts the ecosystem and that COVID-19 is highly contagious and incredibly challenging to control. I don’t think there’s one politician in favor of reopening who doesn’t think they are going to hurt a lot more people in the process. The followers of these leaders may legitimately not believe or understand the level of the threat, but the leaders do. What our world’s scientists know about the virus and its nature, the governors and our president know as well. It’s the same as climate-change. No high ranking politicians is a climate-change denier. They just believe short-term business is more important than long-term social welfare. If we can accept that as a truth, then we can accept that the governors are operating on a campaign of propaganda.

Side Step: Here’s What’s Going To Happen When We Re-open

So the floodgates are going to reopen. Then what? According to the BBC, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 quickly began to rise soon after the German government eased its lockdown measures last week. Germany’s measurements are reportedly quick to fluctuate, but rates of spread have already increased by 10% and they are about to reopen restaurants, hotels, and football stadiums. Things will get worse and the government is partially banking on it which is why they have created policies to reimpose lockdown restrictions if the population of infected individuals returns to 50 per 100,000 or above. Many are predicting that the US will be hit by second, third, and fourth waves of coronavirus outbreaks between 2020 and 2021. Make no mistake. When we reopen, we are creating “the new normal” for at least another year.

According to the CDC, we have over 1.2 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, with over 25,000 new cases reported today (May 10th, 2020)! And according to numerous public health models, the number of confirmed cases is vastly disproportionate to the actual number of people who have contracted the virus (who just haven’t been tested/confirmed). Conservative models say it is fair to multiply the number of confirmed cases by ten (= 12 million have been infected in the US ) and others say a 20x multiplier is more accurate (= 24 million-plus have been infected in the US). So, when we reopen it will only be a matter of weeks before the second wave of infections is highly visible. We are sticking loaded guns into the mouths of hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions of global citizens and our leaders have every intention to pull the trigger. It’s not because they hate us. It’s just a means to another means.

What’s The Bottom Line

Let’s play a quick game of deductions to determine why politicians are backing the decisions to reopen now when all science would point towards waiting as long as we can.

As discussed, most Americans don’t think it is pragmatic to reopen and go back to work as usual, so let’s take that off the table.

Next, we know its not a decision of protecting the public’s health. Leaders who are calling to reopen are essentially describing the health risks as minimal, manageable, and worth it. We know they are lying and failing to mention that many more pawns are still going to get knocked off the table before the dust settles.

Then there is the argument that if we don’t reopen now, then the recession will deepen further and economic recovery will be even more challenging. This statement is hardly true. It is true that when we reopen, it will allow a lot more of the 3 trillion dollars that were provided to stimulate the economy to start to get fed through the economy more equitably. But that’s short-term. It will only be three weeks to two months until we can see the second wave and lockdown again (Every optimistic prediction of the trends of this virus’s demise has been wrong, so let’s learn from that). And if we wait until we admit that we can’t manage the second wave to enforce a lockdown, then the effects will be even more devasting. And, chances are, we will wait until it is too late. The second wave may not be not as bad as the first wave because there is more pandemic healthcare and economic infrastructure in existence but it will still very challenging. Many people will die in the process. So, the decision isn’t for the economic wellbeing of the general populace.

So, what’s the bottom line:

Bottom Line = Special Interests = To Make The Rich Even Richer

It sounds like an economic conspiracy but when the top 1% of the US holds more wealth than the bottom 90%, you better believe that you live in an economic conspiracy.

It is true that many industries are struggling during the recession and powerful individuals and conglomerate corporations (corporations that own many other corporations) are being negatively affected by the pandemic recession. What many don’t realize is that is wonderful and rare opportunity for the most powerful businesses in America. Why? Two Letters. M & A.

Is economics, M&A is “Mergers and Acquisitions”. Capitalism is a very carnivorous system where it is much more efficient for larger businesses to eat (acquire) smaller businesses than make identical businesses to those smaller businesses. Often time, patents and copyright actually prevent that from happening. In a regulated system, there is nothing wrong with M&A strategies. It is pragmatic and, outside of the time of recessions, can often be a win-win scenario between two competing companies. But, if the top of the food chain becomes too rich then they can perform M&As more quickly than small viable-to-compete businesses can be created. The result is the formation of an economic Monopoly. It is technically an Oligarchy (a system controlled by a few powerful individuals) but, in all realities, it is a monopoly.

The 2008 Financial Crisis was a period of massive acquisitions by some of the most powerful businesses in the US. In 2008, Bank of America bought Merrill Lynch & Co for $50 Billion and Wells Fargo bought Wachovia for $14.8 Billion. In 2009, Pfizer bought Wyeth for $68 Billion and Merck & Co bought Schering Plough for $41.1 Billion. The list continues.

In economics, massive recessions are not a loss for everybody. For the most powerful, recessions are among the most advantageous periods in time. If the US reopens, we will go into lockdown again. If severe draconian measures are not implemented during the next lockdown, then, after we reopen again, we will see the third wave, and another lockdown, and maybe a fourth wave, and we will wither, and, oh, it will hurt all us small folks. But with each ebb and flow between the lockdowns and reopenings, our economy will buckle and M&As will start to blow across the board. Smaller businesses won’t have the reserves to survive and the biggest companies in the world will be buying the third, fourth, and fifth biggest conglomerates. We will see one of the largest acquisitions of technological and medical patents in modern history.

The top 1% of the US economy holds more wealth than the bottom 90% and they want to own more. Why are politicians calling to reopen the US economy? It is because of the companies that ensured that they won their elections want a stronger recession more than ever so they can reap the rewards of our losses. We are talking about the most calculated and strategic organizations in human history. We consistently undermine their power, which is why they are the most powerful and unstoppable forces of American society. If they can bend will in their direction, they already have.



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