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Navigating The Effects Of COVID-19 As A Business Leader

How Rachel Braun Scherl, co-founder of SPARK Solutions for Growth, is navigating the effects of COVID-19.

My business partner and I started our business strategy and marketing growth company, SPARK Solutions for Growth over 20 years ago in response to a need we saw to help businesses drive growth through insight-based understanding of how to motivate their customers. About 12 years ago, we raised venture capital to build a company focused on women’s sexual health and wellness. Since then we have focused on building businesses in female sexual and reproductive health.

Using social media to share my message

I do a great deal of public speaking on entrepreneurship, leadership, women’s health and the business of female sexual health. I am active on social media, participating and contributing in conversations on business strategy, sexual health, sextech, femtech and women’s health.

The response I received

Clients respond positively to our track record of growing brands and businesses. In addition, our experience working with large and small companies providing solutions for across the spectrum of their sexual and reproductive lives, has proven to meaningful and helpful for companies.

The biggest lessons I learned about crisis communication

About 2 weeks ago, I launched a zoom series in which I interview leaders in femtech, sextech and women’s health about how they are managing their personal and professional lives during this crisis. We discussed how they were coping with all facets of COVID-19 and what they are doing to continue their businesses, stay sane and share personal insights! This community is amazing. They are focusing on even closer customer connection, availability to answer any and all questions, frequent team meetings and interaction, as well as multiple options for self-care.

What I have learned is to stay on the balls of my feet. Think of the future, but don’t get too far ahead of yourself as we don’t know when we will have more flexibility in how we work and sell. Continue to work on longer-term strategy as well as immediate solutions. Communicate early and often. Don’t panic and lean on your “community” — whoever and wherever they are.

Getting back to business

I haven’t stopped talking about my business during the crisis. I always spend a huge part of my time reading and learning about the categories and company I focus on, currently work with and hope to work with. I am working with my clients to develop immediate action plans to weather this storm while continuing to build out their longer-term strategy, with a particular emphasis on innovation.



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Rachel Braun Scherl

Rachel Braun Scherl

Marketing strategist, business builder, entrepreneur, author, and vagipreneur — passion advocate for women’s health