Feature updates : We are listening to you! Spaces spaces everywhere

The only way for us to survive is to constantly listen to our users and create a product they will love. With the release of HereNow in the wild, we have been actively gathering feedback, good and bad, and working hard to streamline the experience for all.

With the release of the new APK, we have added some features which have been the top of mind for many of our users.

  • List of people who spread my post

You might have asked a question or made a suggestion which many people ‘spread’ but no one replied. You get curious as to who are these people with the same interest. Now you can just long-press the spread (star) button to see a list of these like-minded people.

  • Karma for users

When we are interacting with people we don’t know, there is obviously an issue of trust. A lot of people suggested we develop a point-system to indicate the trustability of a profile. So now every “spread” on your post and replies earns you Karma points which is displayed on your profile. Other can use this number as a proxy of each other’s activity on the platform and quality of content they create.

  • Members of a Space

We have seen many interesting spaces come up on HereNow with dozens of members. Till now, there was no way to see who are the members of a particular space, an information you might be interested in before joining the space or as a space-creator. We have enabled this now. Just go on the Space’s profile page to see the entire list.

  • Discover more spaces

Some folks asked what’s the best way to discover new spaces? Well, from other people’s recommendations of course! Now you can see what public spaces other people have subscribed to on their profiles to discover interesting spaces.

  • Quick Posting flow

Network connectivity is always an issue, especially when posting images. We tasked our engineering to make the entire flow asyncrounous so that you never have to wait creating a post. It will do the network calls behind the scene and notify you if it needs any futher input.

Much more on the way! Stay tuned on HereNow!

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