The Time Diaries of Marco Francisco De Las Sapiens — June 6, 2053

Mark Heyer
The HeyerScope
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10 min readNov 3, 2023


A few years ago, rummaging through the diaries of my future self, I stumbled across the first chapter of a book that apparently I would start to write. I thought, how could I have written such improbable drivel? Surely, the delusions of my demented 105 year old self.

Then, just this year, artificial intelligence burst onto the scene. I discovered the potential of biomorphism, and yesterday, Apple introduced its Apple Vision spatial computer technology.


Maybe old Marco Francisco De Las Sapiens wasn’t so far off after all. So, I am offering this unedited entry in his time diaries for those of you who might want to know how the future actually turned out:

Marco arrived at the loop station under LAX at 9:30 with two hours to spare before his flight to Budapest. Gliding to a stop at the station, Marco liked to recall the glory days of flying in his youth. “We were all so innocent then,” he mused, flipping his travel visor from private desktop to pubsee — transparent public mode with real-world viewing augmented by overlaid information.

Navigating the crowded corridors to the maelstrom of the terminal, for Marco, this adventure was starting like all good adventures should, with a city, a mission, and a woman.