Time Diaries: Aug. 19, 2153 — Resurection

Mark Heyer
The HeyerScope
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4 min readNov 3, 2023


I took the chance and jumped through the just-opening immortality window in 2030. What did I think about my immortal future?

Many scoffed at my undertaking. They seemed to hate their life and couldn’t wait for it to end. “Why would I want to live any longer — life is too long as it is!” But if you love learning, exploring, creating, and having fun, a thousand years just isn’t long enough.

By luck, I am now the oldest sentient being on the planet, or should I say, solar system — either human or machine.

On my 200th birthday in 2148, the Savants invited me to join their Council and represent the newly emergent Homo sapiens, or Saps, as they called us. Part of my assignment is to rummage through the forgotten liminal spaces of human history and paint a picture of what it really means to be human.

This first installment of my story begins with a meeting of the Society of Immortal Elders, October 2075.

With the prospect of immortality, protecting your physical body for eternity became a very important topic. Even with regeneration, nothing can save you from an oncoming bus or a careless footstep.

While some adopted technology for protection, my friend Natalie and I preferred to live naturally, trusting the luck that had brought us this far and the…