G.F Smith: Native to Hull

Native to Hull, G.F Smith paper merchants specialise in the production and post-processing of exquisite papers.

Woven throughout the fabric of the creative industries, G.F Smith paper commonly features in numerous applications of packaging, literature, books and envelopes. It’s from their direct and fulfilling relationships to designers that the company have created a service synonymous to their name in the trade of fine paper.

Founded in 1885, George Frederick Smith started his company fuelled by his immense passion for paper and the printer-publishers of the time. Obsessive perhaps, Smith pursued the best manufacturers in his search for the finest in paper production. His travels lead overseas to the far corners of Europe seeking varying materials, substrates and textures, variants still offered by the company’s collections today.

G.F Smith offers an extensive range of creative services, some of which we have personally experienced via Banton Frameworks. Their knowledgeable, multi-disciplined team can assist you with queries regarding anything from the optimal paper gsm weight, colour or texture, right through to bespoke batch production of your own particular paper.

Their distinctive and renowned ‘Colorplan’ range best presents itself in the form of the desirable encyclopaedic ‘Collection Book’. This 50 colour, 400-page stock reference is a weighty keystone in the studios of many graphic or packaging design studios. This collection, amongst six others can be viewed remotely via the G.F website. Detectable by characteristics such as origin, era, colour, tone and texture make for an indispensable and conclusive range to the design industries.

Further to their paper archives, G.F Smith executes a series of in-house processes inside their Hull based factory. Their services are extensive, including the making of envelopes, paper embossing, duplexing, CAD packaging production and letter-pressing. Working in close conjunction with the designer’s specifications, the G.F staff can guide you through their appropriate in-house processes.

G.F Smith elevates your appreciation for paper through each avenue of their work. We encourage that you visit their website and that you inquire for a copy of their collection book. It’s a treat.

G.F Smith Website