Best invention

While it may seem cliché, the Internet has changed just about every aspect of society. The social nature, especially has contributed to the connection of different parts of the world, aided in toppling governments, and revolutionized communication. Just this morning I was on Reddit reading ideas and perspectives of people from Asia, Africa and Europe. The Internet has also given a voice to those whose governments might have silenced in the past. Edward Snowden is an example. As it currently stands, the Internet cannot be fully controlled by governments and this freedom of expression is crucial for maintaining different perspectives and encouraging independent thought. Without the Internet and social media, the Arab Spring might never have happened. The power of the Internet can be seen by the fact that countries such as China and North Korea have chosen to limit its access because they are afraid that the spreading of ideas could lead to a revolution. On top of all this, the Internet has simply made everyday life easier for those with access to it. At Brentwood alone, we use the Internet as an essential learning tool and it has given students access to information that would not otherwise be available. Of course, the Internet also revolutionized communication. In several seconds, a message from the U.S. can be relayed anywhere in the world. This lightning fast communication allows us to be instantly notified when major events or disasters occur. It also allows governments and individuals to quickly communicate with one another. Having said this, I believe the key is to make sure we also remember how to communicate without the use of our phones and computers.

Unlike our design today in class, the internet was created on accident over a long period of time, while our invention was created in 10 minutes with very limited resources. With the invention of the internet, many people were able to use revolutionary technology for the greatest possible output. Also with the invention of the internet there was no end goal. At first the internet was created by the government to basically store files, the magnificent final product was created after years of evolution. With our invention there was a definite end goal: to create a source of light with the materials given. This was not the best use for the materials given and if we had just been given the raw materials we would have been able to create something much more useful. Instead of the internet, we ended up with a lantern made of completely flammable materials. Although I feel like our group worked well together, we were afraid to tell each other when they had a bad idea. Instead we sounded like an over exited improve troop: “Yes and!”. None of us really knew what we were doing so we just went with any idea the others came up with. Although this is not necessarily a bad approach and positivity is always encouraged, our group is living proof that if you are afraid to call out bad ideas for what they are you will end up with a lantern made of flammable material.