The Best Invention

The Internet has revolutionized our daily life. It sparked a tremendous increase in the spread of technology while also allowing for the democratization of knowledge. The internet also has had a large effect on the business world. Through it, business can be conducted substantially faster and more efficiently. The internet allows for business contracts to be signed in minutes, checks to be deposited in seconds, and many other business activities to be done an instant. Internet has also revolutionized commerce. E-commerce has become prevalent in society and allows for a simpler, easier, and quicker process when purchasing goods. Prior to the internet, we were not able to send emails or send documents instantly.

This revolutionary invention allows us to communicate freely and quickly. Although I never personally experienced a world without internet, I can infer that work, education and many other fundamental parts of society were much slower than the brisk pace at which they operate at today. As I have come to understand, in order for something to be perfect everything has to go right. This is not always possible as there is always a shortage of time and resources. This was evident in my group’s pursuit to assemble an object that is safe to cook with when there is no electricity. I can only imagine that during the late 1900’s, the time of the internet’s inception, supplies with the technological capabilities needed to create this program were very limited, highlighting the difficulties of creating such a product.This invention definitely required a team effort and a team will always have its setbacks and problems, however, this project has been a complete success.

The Internet has also simplified the transmission of news. Instead of listening to reporters on tv or radio we, as citizens, can report news in an instant, through the internet. Applications that use internet, such as Waze and Twitter, allow car accidents and key news to be reported by everyday citizens. Social media -an extension of the internet — has also dramatically changed human interaction. Instead of face to face conversations, we can now interact through text messages and emails. Finally, social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allow people to communicate instantaneously with friends, colleagues, fans, and followers at the push of a button.