Best Invention Medium Post

I believe the greatest invention in history is Alan Turing’s electromechanical machine which cracked Hitler’s code and played a major role, if not the most important role in ending World War II. This machine was not only a war hero but also served as the foundation for all computers and devices today. Turing worked tirelessly and tried time and time again until his creation was successful. His abstraction paved the way for computer science majors, as each undergraduate has to learn The Universal Turing Machine. Companies like Apple and Dell would not be possible without Alan Turing’s invention. Thanks to Alan Turing, we live in a technological world surrounded by computers.

In today’s activity, my group members and I were prompted to create a purification system for dirty stream water with limited materials: pipe cleaners, a coffee filter, a paper clip, a balloon and straws. We worked together with little time to create a functioning water system. Like all inventions, ours took a couple tries and suggestions to get fully working. We finally agreed on a system where the dirty water would travel through a small hole in the balloon, getting rid of any larger impurities. After making its way through the balloon, the water would go through the coffee filter for final filtration. My team worked really well together and the question was concise enough to leave us without confusion. For this system to work beyond the theoretical realm, it would take much more trial and error just like Alan Turing’s machine.