Although the internet is one of the most life-changing inventions, there is something that has been invented recently that has done a lot of good for society: Uber. The application markets itself as everyone’s personal driver. Being a high school student and growing up in Los Angeles, there are so many appropriate uses for a cab like service. An app like uber creates a safer environment. I have seen students completely obliterated and not in the right state of mind. But with ubers, there are no worries about a teenager driving drunk or even someone else getting into a car with someone under the influence. Ubers create a safer environment. It’s also very easily accessible to all age groups. Uber has grown tremendously since the beginning. Whether it’s New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Tokyo…there are ubers. The app has created itself into a multi-million dollar company with a great idea.

Today’s design challenge was interesting. I found it difficult because our prompt was to create a fire without any electricity but we barely had any materials that weren’t flammable. I got frustrated at one point but snapped back fairly quickly. The resources were very limited and this made it harder for us to create a solid product. Now thinking about uber, there are a lot of potential obstacles the company can face. Our team worked very well together. We each listened to each other when one talked and respected all of the ideas which were being shared. I found it easier to work with others because each individual brought something different to the table. Time wasn’t really an issue because with all of us working as a team, we completed incredibly fast.