Invention: The Telegraph

Before this invention communication ment physical travel. The most comparable thing to it would have been communicating through light and mirrors and beside that there was the post office. There were no preliminary inventions that led to it, it was black and white, night and day, because the Telegraph was the first form of modern communication and, I think, the most significant leap in technology. It was the first example of information that could traveling hundreds and thousands of miles in an instant, and there is nothing more significant and influential in our day to day lives than this ability which we take for granted. Unlike many inventions the Telegraph didn’t really fill a need, because before it we didn’t know there was a need. But now as digital communication has exploded out of the telegraph, we can scarcely imagine our lives without instant messages, email, and the telephone. We owe all of this to the telegraph and it’s inventor Samuel Morse.

Today in class me, Austin, Scottie, and Warren did our best to create a light-source for house with no electricity. We failed. We tried fashioning a lantern out of some wire, a paperclip and a coffee filter, but at the end it was quickly pointed out to us that our entire contraption would catch on fire the second we lit it. I’ve been thinking the rest of the day on how we could of done it differently, but there’s nothing that comes to mind other than just setting it down and lighting the whole thing of fire. There was nothing there that could of held flame without lighting up itself. If only we had some tin foil!