Love/Hate: Fiverr

A service that I use a lot but find annoying is Fiverr (graphic design/royalty free music). Fiverr is a website where freelancers can post their service or product and people can go buy them. Originally the products were all 5 dollars (hence the name) but recently they’ve added different prices. I’ve used Fiverr countless times. From business cards to royalty free music for my student films, Fiverr has it. Fiverr solves a very important issue. Many start ups and young people like me don’t have a lot of money, and so we turn to Fiverr. As Fiverr has a much narrower demographic than ebay or craigslist you have to do less sorting to find the product thats right for you. Also most Fiverr users are selling a service, unlike craigslist and ebay where most people are simply selling items they no longer use. Because of this rating are much more important to Fiverr sellers in order to insure longevity. This causes sellers to be much more thorough.

The other side of Fiverr is the sellers. Most of the people selling on Fiverr are freelancers. These consist of up and coming graphic designers, musicians and other such artists. These people need to find an audience to sell their services too, and that is why they turn to Fiverr. One common issue sellers have with Fiverr is the low price. There was such an outcry that 5$ was too low a price for these services that Fiverr added the ability to assign your own price greater than 5$.

The issue with Fiverr is that many of the services are unreliable, or the “artists” use stolen material. A friend of mine once had to shut down his website due to the fact that a graphic designer he hired of Fiver had stolen part of the logo he was designing. I use Fiverr often and am very diligent in researching the people I find on Fiverr to avoid being scammed. This can take a long time and is quite annoying to me, so I would suggest there be a way to do some kind of background check or apply some sort of filter that each artist would have to submit to in order to prevent blatant copyright or trademark violations.