Best Invention Revised

The greatest invention in history was the creation of paper. Paper was created in 105 CE in China. Paper was originally used to wrap or pad objects for protection. Then it was used as material to write on which changed its function completely. It was handmade and consisted of rags (waste material).

As time went by, people started using wood instead or rags. The demand for a paper increased machines were made to increase the production of paper. Currently, the paper making process is fully automated and the uses of paper have multiplied.

One factor which affects the use of paper is the introduction of technology such as the computer, email, and social media. These technological advancements have created a “paperless” way to share information. However, the introduction of digital products have increased the production of paper. It can be used in many different materials such as paper plates, notebooks, and money. It was even a part of our first challenge.

Since there was a paper container and the materials were stored in a paper bag. My team was given the challenge of creating a water purifier. We were only given two straws, several pipe cleaners, a balloon, and a container used for paper. At first we were confused on what to do with our materials. We decided to each explain one of of completing the task. Then we realized that we all thought of using the balloon as the initial filter and the container as the second filter. However, I was confused on which one was going on top so I wished we were able to use a pencil or paper to draw out the design. First each person was designated a task. One person used a pipe cleaner to put a hole in the balloon. While another person was created the stand to hold the balloon. I was in charge of finding a way to hold the paper container since it did not have a flat base. My idea did not work and luckily one of my partners came up with the idea of using the desk to hang up the container.

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