Reading and Reflecting

Overall, I felt that this project was successful in that we all worked well together in helping Jaunt realize their issues by giving recommendations into how they can improve for the future. But all this success did not just magically happen. My group and I worked hard to combat scheduling conflicts and maintain consistent communication. Although the article “The Secrets of Great Teamwork” argues that “digital dependence often impedes information exchange” my team was aided by the ability to work digitally since our schedules often conflicted. We frequently used the website “” to video chat and discuss assignments. One of our shortcomings was the tendency for one to two of the five members to do the entire assignment given that night. But one important factor that helped us succeed was our diverse set of skills. We are all talented in different things, Kate and I in the graphic end, Lorenzo in film, Eddie in business, and Jared in research. The number of members in our group helped us get stuff done efficiently and succinctly. We treated each other with respect and gave constructive feedback while complimenting each other on what we did well along the way. Another hurdle our group faced was lack of motivation so no one was that enthusiastic about doing the work. All in all our team worked well to get over our struggles and work together to get the job done.