For the past month and a half my Social Entrepreneurship Class has been divided into three groups and were assigned a problem to solve for a company called Jaunt. At my high school in Los Angeles, California we have a class where we look at the ins and outs of a practice called entrepreneurship. In this class we try to study the skill and what it takes to start a company. Our second project started with a blind field trip to an undisclosed location. We ended up going to a company called Jaunt. Jaunt is a start-up that is creating and compiling mass virtual reality content, basically a Netflix for the virtual reality world. They gave us an overview of what they are trying to accomplish and who they are trying to appeal too. Long story short my group ended up focusing on what kind of content people are most interested in.

By coming up with the idea that we tried to figure out what content people would be attracted to and how Jaunt should attract them. By doing a demo at my high school we determined that our tested participants would be most interested in content having to do with movies/film and travel/location based videos. With this information we attacked both film and travel forums and posted a barrage of questions and surveys. The response was overwhelming and conclusive. With the information we collected, we presented our findings and recommendations to Jaunt yesterday.

This process was not easy and my person team definitely struggled to complete the task. Since, we did not really know what to in the beginning we depended on one another to supply information and put all of the work on whoever new the topic best. Being seniors in high school, it was no easy task to find time to communicate and complete the work as a cohesive unit. However, we did end up meeting face to face via to complete tasks. During these conversations we listened to our peers’ ideas contently and debated on strategies and ideas. The work load ended up being carried by one or two students some times due to everyones busy schedules. Some of us lacked certain skills, such as attentively listening during class, but others helped pick up that slack. If there was a way we could work as a team in person, in class we would have been able to accomplish way more and all be present. We worked well as a group in the end, but a lot of the work still was put on the shoulders of a few people.