The Invention of GPS

A GPS, or a global positioning system, is something that nearly everyone on this planet with access to technology has. Phones, cars, computers and hundreds of other gadgets have GPS technology. GPS stands out as the best invention because of the fact that developed societies could not live without it today. GPS solved many of the problems that printed maps created, some being their tendency to be inaccurate and non-updateable. It also made locating the exact position of any object in a matter of seconds possible-through 24 satellites constantly orbiting earth at different positions. Beginning as technology designed for military and intelligence use during the Cold War, GPS has become vital for several operations. GPS is used for satellite navigation from cars to ships, but it has evolved older technologies into amazing things: emergency services can locate accidents more quickly, scientists use it to study natural disasters, and GPS is even used for games like Geo-caching.

Today in class my team was presented with the prompt “create a safe way to cook something in a house without electricity”. Given a short time frame and limited materials (tin foil, pipe cleaners, straws, a balloon, and a paper bag), we had to quickly come together with thoughtful and innovative ideas. We had to factor in the fact that a majority of our items were flammable and could not be used in our invention. Working as a team created an environment where everyone was able to contribute so our invention has created very quickly. With multiple people working together and constantly creating and critiquing ideas the problem we faced was given more clarity.