The Invention of Language

Language as a method to communicate is the greatest innovation of all time. In order to progress, one needs to be able to communicate with other people and human language is vital to this communication. Without the ability to talk (or use a sign language) and communicate, the human race would be stunted. We would not have achieved most of the more modern innovations and inventions that we have today. Even in simpler everyday problems we would have a more difficult time attempting to solve these problems. For example, today in class we were tasked with making an apparatus that would allow one to cook indoors without electricity using only two pipe cleaners, three straws, a balloon, a sheet of aluminum foil, and a paper bag. Our team had to quickly design this apparatus as we only had a limited time. In order to complete the project we each voiced our own opinions and collaborated until we reached our final product. We had to build on each other’s ideas and work out the problems we encountered (ex. The straws would melt if in close range of fire) together. We ended up forming the aluminum foil into a cylinder using the pipe cleaners to connect the two pieces in order to contain a fire. The straws and paper bag served as a way to supply oxygen and fuel to the fire, respectively. If it were not for language, our group would have significantly struggled more than we did today. Language was vital to our success in completing the project effectively in the short time frame. Language is the greatest invention of all time.

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