The result of a collaboration of inventors over 30 years resulted in the first fully functioning internal combustion engine (1791–1823). This engine created the possibilities for more efficient transportation and a truly portable power source. It solved the need for rapid transportation of people and goods. It created cheaper mechanical energy, and eliminated the costly steam engine. It is a small portable machine that converts stored chemical energy into mechanical energy. It increased economic opportunity and made a better way of life. It solved the issues of starvation because it created an increase of harvest yields due to advancements in agricultural machinery. It decreased the price of the expensive shipping process. My personal favorite is the invention of personal automobiles. In 1886 Karl Benz began using his patent on the engine to create cars and other automobiles. He founded the company we all know today as Mercedes Benz. And then in 1903 Ford Motor Company began a massive assembly line which employed thousands of Americans and was the first company to mass produce cars. The invention of this engine allowed mass growth in a variety of directions and today we see it used in a variety of different ways. From lumberjack’s chainsaws in Canada, emergency power generators in Africa which allow Medical Aid to locals, to air travel; combustion engines have altered the way humans live and interact.

Earlier today when my group was trying to invent a water purifier with a mystery bag of materials we immediately thought of existing methods and then we opened up our bag. We saw the coffee filter and we immediately recognized its ability to filter water. However, we new it wouldn’t be enough so we used the balloon to be a first stage of the filter. We used gravity to let the water filter through. To come up with the final product we collaborated and listed to each other’s ideas and in the end we had a product that we were all satisfied with and confident in. Similarly, the many inventors of the combustion engine used one another’s ideas and innovations to produce a legendary machine.