Technology Supporting Learning (Modern Era)

Technology Supporting Learning

Tanglin Trust School grasps innovation where it underpins learning. This year, each understudy from the age of 5 to 13 years has been conveying their own portable learning apparatus to class, each day. Likewise, all classes in Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) now have their own arrangement of 12 iPads in the classroom. This gives the educator greater adaptability about when to utilize them and empowering youngsters to store content they have made on a specific iPad that they share with only one different class part. As educators and understudies turn out to be increasingly comfortable with these gadgets, their effect on learning turns out to be always apparent; influencing everything in school from the format and association of learning spaces to the idea of learning undertakings…. Read More

Learning Spaces

Cell phones have prompted the greatly improved incorporation of innovation into learning. Understudies never again need to move out to an ‘exceptional’ area to get to a PC or the web; rather, they can take the gadget to wherever it is required so it can be utilized close by different assets, both inside and outside the classroom. Truth be told, instructors are utilizing the term ‘classroom’ less and now frequently allude to ‘learning spaces’, which truly implies any space in school where a student may be…. Read More

Dynamic Libraries

The period of innovation is rethinking the part of libraries in instructive establishments and late adjustments to the Infant School and Senior School libraries have reacted to this change. Physical books still have an essential influence in our learning and Tanglin prides itself on its accumulation of genuine and fiction books that can be found in the conventional route, by looking on the bookshelf, and in addition by utilizing our online index. In any case, the requirement for a broad reference area has been diminished by the accessibility of tremendous amounts of up and coming data from countless sources that is accessible on the web….. Read More

3D Technology — Bringing Ideas to Life

Models have dependably been a piece of educating and learning; there are many articles and frameworks that are difficult to envision from a two dimensional graph on a page. We are truly amped up for the improvements in 3D innovation that are reforming the way that models can be made and investigated. 3D printers in the Junior School were utilized to awesome impact a year ago amid Year 5’s Singapore theme to make scale models of milestone structures with an accuracy that would have been unimaginable in schools only a couple of years back — from outlines and estimations looked into by the understudies….. Read More