The 3 Approaches to Life — The Deadend Road, the Deception, or The Destination


How can it be that two people are experiencing the EXACT same situation…

…Yet, both are behaving in a complete different way? How is that possible?

When we break it down, it comes all down to this:

Different people, different approaches.

Or, in other words, habits. (A deep topic in and of itself.)

No wonder why some people are living more fulfilling, meaningful, and self-actualized lives (than others)!

For now let’s take a look at “The 3 Approaches to Life,” and where you stand…


  1. “The Deadend Road.” This is the place where you DON’T want to be in. It’s where you constantly feel miserable, frustrated, depressed, and — yes — even suicidal. Why? Because it’s all arbitrariness. Everything seems random with little hope, let alone opportunities to improve. Yet, with enough belief, faith, action, and accountability from inspiring people you can get out of there. Remember my story?
  2. The next one is called “The Deception.” Whereas “The Perfection Trap” is for people who get stuck because they think everything has to be perfect in order to begin/start/finish/publish anything … “The Deception” is the same for success-oriented people. The ambitious. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s easy to get caught up in success and believing you always need MORE. More money, better relationships, better cars, better health, better, better, better … more, more, more.
  3. And then there’s “The Destination.” Well… kind of. This is the place where you realize that there hasn’t been a destination in the first place — that life IS a continuous journey. A “highly inspiring journey,” so to speak. However, very few people reach this level in their lives…quite frankly, because they take a different approach — The Deadend Road, or The Deception. In no way does this mean that you have to choose the third option here. On the other hand, why shouldn’t you? Why shouldn’t you look at life as an inspiring adventure, where every single day you can (and will) learn something new? Where you can improve your life, master new skills, grow personally, become the person you were meant to be in the first place…you can do all that — IF you decide to take this approach to YOUR life.
  4. As always, the choice is up to you. You, and only you, know what’s most meaningful and important TO YOU.

And, as always:

Enjoy the Journey,

–Mario M. Montreal
Creator, Meaningful Life Mastery

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