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Jun 24 · 4 min read

You have questions about the world’s next great hiking destination. We have all the answers.

Do we organize tours? How much is the app? Are there wild animals on the trails? You probably have a lot of questions about the world’s next great hiking destination. Good. We have all the answers.

Ah, hiking in Armenia… Gorgeous trails, history around every corner, warm and hospitable local people ready to feed you at the drop of the hat… There’s really nothing like it!

How can you experience this magic? Simple! Download our free mobile app, and visit our Information Center in downtown Yerevan to plan an epic hiking adventure in Armenia. Have further questions? Check out some FAQ’s we receive often from future Armenia-philes below. If you still have a question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Helping you hike in Armenia is our mission.

Plan and hike your own hike in Armenia with our app. And in case going out alone isn’t your thing, our app will connect you with professional local guides who’ll gladly show you the way.

Does HIKEArmenia organize tours?

As much as we’d love to go on hikes with each and every one of you, we do not organize tours. Instead, we give you all the information you need to go out and explore Armenia yourself! We believe hiking should be easy, fun, and accessible to everyone. That’s why all the information and resources we provide are 100% free. What does that include? Quite a lot:

  • Trail profiles and GPS navigation

You can find all of this on our free mobile app and website, which our team is constantly updating. If you have specific questions about trails or hiking in Armenia, you can always write to us using the nifty chat box on our website, or on social media on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Already in Armenia and looking for hiking advice in person? Drop by our Information Center Monday through Saturday from 10AM-7PM! One of our team members will be happy to answer any questions you have, and help you plan an unforgettable hike.

Our hiking app is easy to use, fun, and FREE!

How much does the HIKEArmenia app cost?

Like everything we provide to hikers and travelers in Armenia, our app is 100% FREE! Download it for your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone here. Drop-ins to our Information Center are also free, and highly encouraged!

Are hiking trails always open?

Yes! Hiking trails in Armenia are open year-round.

Do I have to pay to hike any of the trails, or to enter a national park?

There are no fees associated with hiking in Armenia or entering national parks, but you may have to pay a minimal parking fee at some points of interest, like monasteries.

Armenia has all four seasons. That’s four different, beautiful experiences to be had on the trails! Pictured is Lake Karmir, which you can hike to on the Karmir Lake Loop. Find all the details, including GPS navigation, on our app!

When’s the best season to hike in Armenia?

The best time of year to hike in Armenia is mid-spring to mid-fall. Summers can be scorching here, especially in the Ararat, Vayots Dzor, and Armavir provinces, but at higher elevations it can actually be chilly! Winters are generally harsh in Armenia, but there’s plenty of skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing to be done here!

Did we mention finding trails on our app is EASY? 😉

I’m looking for an easy hike while in Armenia. How can I find one?

Easy (pun intended)! Just download our app, hit the FILTER button located in the bottom right corner of the Trails screen, and select “Easy” under DIFFICULTY (or any other difficulty level you’re looking for). The app will then only display easy trails on the Trail screen. For one-on-one advice on hiking in Armenia, you’re always welcome to stop by our Information Center!


Are there wild animals on the trail I should be worried about?

You may be surprised to learn that Armenia is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world, and is home to many endangered species, like the bezoar goat and Persian leopard. But these and other creatures generally stay away from people, so you don’t need to worry too much. But do practice caution if you do run into a four-legged friend and stay away.

Home in Armenia is where the the fruit vodka’s strong and the camaraderie even stronger.

Can I book a room at a B&B through the app?

You can’t book stays with our app, but you can find B&Bs near trails, and scroll through photos, read descriptions, learn about hosts, see pricing details, and contact managers to book stays. Each of the B&Bs on our app have been handpicked by us, with your comfort in mind. We’ve taken the time to get to know each and every one of the hosts featured on our app, to give you a full picture of who they are and what you can expect when you stay with them.

Have more questions? Just write to us using the nifty chat box on our website, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or at info@hikearmenia.org.

The HIKEArmenia Blog

You seek the road less travelled, a road that may lead you to an encounter with a 2,000 year old church, or a wild stallion galloping freely. Come Hike Armenia - yes Armenia. It's the coolest place you've never heard of.

HIKEArmenia Team

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We're dedicated to boosting ecotourism in Armenia and making trails accessible to hikers using our free app and the HIKEArmenia Resource Center in Yerevan.

The HIKEArmenia Blog

You seek the road less travelled, a road that may lead you to an encounter with a 2,000 year old church, or a wild stallion galloping freely. Come Hike Armenia - yes Armenia. It's the coolest place you've never heard of.

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