HIKEArmenia: Taking On A Life Of Its Own

In the summer of 2016, ONEArmenia set out to boost the tourism industry in Armenia by turning the country’s beautiful landscape into a network of trails accessible for every tourist. The project works to bring everything that goes into a successful hiking trip together into one app: where to go, what to expect, where you can stay, and what you need to be prepared. Here’s what HIKEArmenia has become after nearly a year and a half.

Photo taken by the Transcaucasian Trail

Major Investment

The investment by the Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation has enabled HIKEArmenia to expand on the strong foundation you built in 2016 and become an entity of its own. The foundation has invested $1 million to bring HIKEArmenia into the international scene, opening the opportunity for potential non-Armenian tourists to discover the country’s natural beauty through online promotion and trade shows.

A Look At The Numbers

2017 has already seen 260 app installs for HIKEArmenia, and the numbers are only growing. 37% of those downloads are on iOS, and 63% are on Android.

The app downloads span across the world. 43.8% are based in Armenia, and 21.9% in the US, making up the two largest sectors. Germany, the UK, Russia, and France make up the rest of the segment with 5%, 4.2%, 3.8%, and 2.3%, respectively.

The Difference A Year Makes

Last year, the 1A team travelled to Northern Armenia’s Lori region to mark a new trail and hear from expert hikers on how to properly create an accessible hiking network. The team witnessed stunning views, bezoar goats, and thousands of years of Armenian history tucked behind each corner. The trip marked the fifth completed trail for HIKEArmenia, and the app launched soon after.

Photo taken by the Transcaucasian Trail

Since last year, HIKEArmenia has taken on a life of its own. The Hovnanian Foundation has been a critical partner in accelerating the project’s investment, and has begun to make plans to bring it beyond the app store. HIKEArmenia has been working with other organizations already involved in travel, adventure tourism, and ecotourism to build the infrastructure the ecotourism industry needs to reach its thriving potential.

A View From The Trails

HIKEArmenia now hosts 7 fully functioning trails spanning across the country. As the project continues to grow, more trails will be added.

Photo taken by the Transcaucasian Trail

14 local guides are now registered on HIKEArmenia, providing guidance for potential hikers who may be less familiar with the region. On each trail page, you’ll find a list of hiking guides who know that trail, as well as their contact information, community reviews and information on which languages they speak.

Photo taken by the Transcaucasian Trail

15 accommodation options are available on the HIKEArmenia app, allowing you to recharge before you hit the trails again! You can read reviews and descriptions right from the app.

Beyond the App Store

HIKEArmenia is building on all of the features that have made the mobile app so successful and bringing them right to the streets of Yerevan. In the upcoming year, the project will grow into a state-of-the-art hiking resource center located in the center of Yerevan. The store will act as a one-stop-shop for hiking and ecotourism, building on the information provided by the mobile app and furthering development in quality trail design and hiking infrastructure, thus promoting Armenia as a hiking destination for any and all hiking enthusiasts. Together, the Hovnanian Foundation and ONEArmenia will work together to use each branch of HIKEArmenia in order to promote sustainable ecotourism and to ensuring rural economic development in Armenia.

What Are You Waiting For?

Armenia’s trails are ready to be discovered. Download the app today to learn more about how you can plan your perfect Armenian hiking trip, and stay tuned for the addition of more trails, new features, and additional accommodation and guide options!