Asana’s changes regarding completed tasks and its implications

Michael Loistl
Jan 17, 2016 · 4 min read

This post was originally published on Mar 7th, 2014

Before I get into the consequences of Asana’s recent changes around completed tasks an important warning for all Hill88 users, using version 2.2.1.

Important — Issue with version 2.2.1

Due to certain temp. measures that were implemented in version 2.2.1, all completed tasks are marked for deletion which unfortunately also syncs with Asana’s server.

In order to prevent your completed tasks from being deleted, please don’t use version (2.2.1) until the fixed version (2.2.2) is available on the app store.

Workaround when using the app

If your completed tasks have already been synced and you want to use version 2.2.1 despite that issue, enable Show completed tasks in the task list options (•••) next to the + button which will then not mark completed tasks for deletion.

How to recover all the deleted (completed) tasks

Please check if you can see your completed tasks in asana’s web app. If not, please go to Deleted tasks under Show Recents and more… in Asana’s web app, where you can recover any deleted tasks.

We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused. We are putting immediate measures in place to fully rectify the effect of Asana’s recent changes around completed tasks and will update the blog post as we go.


Update 1 — March 7th, 2:30pm
The issue that caused completed tasks to be marked for deletion has been fixed and the updated version 2.2.2 has been distributed to our beta testers for final tests before submitting for app review.

Update 2 — March 8th, 8:30pm
In the meantime, Asana has made changes to their public API that reflect the latest changes regarding the handling of completed tasks. We are currently implementing all these changes and will submit version 2.2.2 as soon as possible to Apple for review.

Update 3 — March 9th, 4:30pm
We have received amazing feedback for version 2.2.2 from our beta tester community, and as our own tests have been positive as well, we have hit the submit button to get Apple’s approval.

Update 4 — March 13th, 7:45am
The latest version 2.2.2 has been approved and is now processing for the app store. That will take somewhere between 1–2 hours and the new version will be available for everyone to download.

Please email us at, if you would like to get immediate access to the latest version via our beta tester program.

New project Views have arrived in Asana

New project Views have arrived in Asana and I guess it was not just our app that went bonkers. The change was announced from Asana since December, but there was no word on how that would effect other services that are tied into Asana’s service via their public API. I’m not sure if Hill88 is an exception, but we use Asana’s API quite extensive and as it’s not the most friendly one for now, we need to do a lot of stuff with the data before Hill88 can display all of it in a meaningful way.

We put a lot of effort into Hill88 in order to enable Asana’s users to have a great mobile experience while on the go, but this new feature launch from Asana has been a punch into the face for us (and with that I don’t mean just the bad ☆ reviews we just got). The change of the way how completed tasks are handled including the disappearance of archived tasks catapulted Hill88 within seconds into disaster. Hill88 started suddenly to perform very badly and for many of our users it even crashed and was totally unusable. We feel really sorry for that incident, and would like to remember the folks at Asana that their API is in production and changing it’s behavior might be a problem to many developers (not just us) out there who build meaningful services or extensions to help building a great environment around Asana’s service. I know, somewhere in the legal notes will be written that we don’t have any rights to rely on a working API, but who cares, all we want is to build a great product for our users.

Maybe we missed it somehow, but Asana’s API Updates has still no changes announced. Yesterday (March 9th 2013) however we found the first changes showing up in the API documentation, which we check regularly just because the official API Update channel is so far behind (last update November 7th 2013). Due to this discovery, we have been able to implement all necessary changes into Hill88 version 2.2.2 which has already been submitted for Apple’s App review.

We love our users, we love Asana and we would love to see a well maintained public Asana API that allows us to deliver a solid and helpful product.

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A place where we share our thoughts on all things design, business, and tech along our journey with Hill88. Learn more about the the best way to communicate, organize, and track your work with Asana, even when you’re offline —

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The Hill88 Blog

A place where we share our thoughts on all things design, business, and tech along our journey with Hill88. Learn more about the the best way to communicate, organize, and track your work with Asana, even when you’re offline —

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