Hill88 2.1.1 — Why you should Go Pro

This post was originally published on Jan 30th, 2014

Today we’re releasing version 2.1.1, this update brings improvements and bug fixes to our previous major update (2.1) that included a wide array of features such as the inbox, notifications and other great new bits.

With this release we have also made some changes that will effect all users of Hill88 Lite, the topic of which we’d like to discuss extensively in this post.

At the moment, we’re a team of only two. We love Asana and dedicate our outmost best in the pursuit of creating the ultimate iOS Asana client out there. We have been working on Hill88 (previously AsanaApp) part time, night and day, for the last 6 months and as we have an incredible number of great ideas on how to make the mobile Asana experience even better (and to bring it to other platforms), our goal is to be able to dedicate all of our time to Hill88.

In order to make that happen, we need your support by going Pro. Around 20% of our daily downloads are Pro downloads and if you are already one of our Pro users, then I’d like to immensely thank you for supporting us on this journey.

We think that our current number of pro downloads demonstrates an incredible achievement and shows the huge value of our Pro features. However, in order to work full time on Hill88 and to make our extensively thought-out roadmap happen (and there is some really exciting stuff in the pipelines), we need more than that.

With the release of 2.1.1 we implemented two changes for the free package that will hopefully motivate you to Go Pro and support us on our mission to build the best and most beautiful Asana client out there.

Free 48-hour Pro Trial

With previous versions we have tested various ways for our free users to test drive all our pro features. However, whatever approach we chose in previous versions, there was always the Go Pro screen involved, which was disruptive to the experience of our pro features. With this version, we’ll show the following screen just once at the beginning to start the new 2-day free pro trial.

Hill88 — Pro Trial

Once you close that screen, the free trial starts and allows you to use (and fully experience) all of our pro features for the next 48 hours. This gives you the ability to see the value of those features without being nagged all the time with the Go Pro screen. Once the 48 hours are over, all Pro features will no longer be accessible and instead the Go Pro screen will pop in to make it as easy as possible for you to actually Go Pro.

Unified Task Lists Go Pro

Another, and probably the toughest, decision was to make our much-loved exclusive unified task list become part of the pro package. So if you are not a pro user yet, you will no longer have have access to this feature after the 48-hour trial period ends.

Want to support us?

Besides going Pro, there are many other ways to support us on our mission. One would be to share your love on social media, rate Hill88 5 stars on the app store and tell your friends and colleagues about it. If you love our work and you would love to support us in any other way, please feel free to contact me via email.

Improvements & bug fixes in 2.1.1

  • New “Add Comment” at the end of task edit stories
  • New confirmation dialog when deleting projects
  • New smart links for inbox activities and comments
  • New actions to smart link options
  • Improved performance on task list and inbox
  • Modified order of inbox items to show the newest on top of the list
  • Modified sync cloud to continue spinning when session is suspended due to Asana’s rate limit
  • Modified menu to not show active logged in user additionally to “My Tasks”
  • Modified offline message to show just once per offline session and every time when pull to refresh
  • Modified menu to showing the user profile picture next to “My Unified Task List” and ”My Tasks”
  • Updated US localization
  • Fixed initial syncing of logged in user (caused “My tasks” not to work before opening other task list)
  • Fixed UI display issue while deselecting menu rows
  • Fixed issue that would show wrong menu level
  • Fixed issue where users would be removed during syncing when just personal project used
  • Fixed issue where general settings would show duplicated
  • Fixed issue where inbox badge count would not update in workspaces menu
  • Fixed issue where menu cell would stuck when swipe gesture would leave menu region
  • Fixed issue where comments would scroll up and down when dismissing smart link action sheet
  • Fixed issue where changes on tasks, workspaces, projects and tags could be reset when applied while a syncing
  • Fixed issue where inbox badge number wouldn’t updated when marking items as read while being offline
  • Fixed UI issue when switching between task list and inbox
  • Re-added color reset for projects and tags after Asana API bug fix