Hill88 2.2 — Navigate like a pro using gestures

This post was originally published on Feb 17th, 2014

One of the most challenging areas, and the one that usually goes wrong when trying to bring a desktop experience to mobile, is navigation. Mobile devices have their own quirks and limitations when it comes to screen real-estate and user input. In general, mobile apps are meant to be used in a completely different context than their desktop counterparts.

Our focus with the new, reimagined Hill88 2 was to introduce a clear and easy way to use an intuitive navigational structure, and today we’re adding various, gesture-based, features to supplement an already great app. Navigation is even quicker and snappier than before. So, without further ado, let’s have some fun with all those new gestures (don’t forget to have the updated app open while reading this post to take the new features for a spin).

Long press Menu button

When tapping on the menu button, the detail menu displays the current active workspace (if not showing “My Unified Task List”). Additionally to just tapping, you can now _long press_ on the menu button, which skips the detail menu and opens the root menu straight away, showing a multitude of unified task list options, as well as a list of workspaces.

Hill88 — Menu Long Press

Swipe workspace

When tapping on a workspace, the detail menu (with new sections for favorites, users, projects and tags) slides in and allows you to select a user, project or tag to show the related task list. However, we found that My Tasks is by far one of the most frequently shown task lists. In order to skip the detail menu and show the My Tasks list for a specific workspace straight away, we have added a new swipe action when swiping a workspace from left to right. The first swipe action is edit, followed by My Tasks, so swipe the workspace to the right until you see the following list symbol, then release…

Hill88 — Swipe Workspaces Menu

Shake device

If you are one of the users who love our exclusive My Unified Task List feature, you might fancy the new shake gesture. Instead of going to the root menu and tapping on My Unified Task List, you can now just shake your beloved iDevice and your unified task list will magically appear. Isn’t that fancy :-)

Swipe task

Last but not least, we have added two new super helpful swipe actions to the task list itself.

Quick comment
The first one after delete is quick commenting on a task. So there’s no more need to dig deep into the comments in the task edit view if you just want to send off a quick comment. All you need to do is swipe the cell until you can see the chat bubble symbol, release, enter your comment in that gorgeous large comment dialog field, and tap the send button.

Hill88 — Swipe Task to Comment

Navigate to task related lists
This feature has been wildly requested and should help you quickly navigate between task-related lists without the need of searching through the menu for specific users, projects or tags. Swiping a task row beyond the commenting symbol (until it shows the list icon) now opens an overlay showing just task related projects, tags and users. Tapping on one of these items opens the related task list. Tapping on yourself opens My Tasks for the task related workspace.

Hill88 — Swipe Task to Navigate

Other improvements & bug fixes in 2.2

  • Added 64-bit support
  • New settings for subtask inheritance
  • Updated localizations
  • Fixed issue where custom sorting/filter couldn’t be reset once free pro trial ends
  • Fixed issue where inbox would show activities across all workspaces
  • Fixed issue where app would occasionally crash when scrolling to new or changed task
  • Fixed issue where app would crash when fast scrolling through inbox or list of comments
  • Fixed issue where inbox items wouldn’t be sorted by latest comment date
  • Fixed issue where white empty rows would show up in inbox
  • Various other UI modifications
  • Various other bug fixes
  • Various other performance optimizations