Hill88 meets Attachments

This post was originally published on April 18th, 2014

This Easter we decided to put in some more over time, and with great pleasure we’re happy to announce the introduction of attachments to Hill88. Our latest release is now available on the app store.

Before we go to explore all this new attachment goodness, we are also happy to have fixed a rather annoying issue that presented our Pro users with the GoPro screen. if you are one of our Pro users, please accept our apologies for that issue which kept you from using all the pro features for some time.


Attachments have been in works for a while now, and despite the limitations of Asana’s public API in terms of attachment support, we believe to have found a good balance of useful attachment features that will help you to be even more productive while on the go. So let’s see what we got in terms of attachment features…

Access Attachments via the Task Edit screen/panel
Attachments are now displayed as additional information on the task edit screen, giving you quick info about the number of available attachments for the selected task.

Hill88 — Task Edit Attachments

List of Attachments
The list of Attachments displays image thumbnails, the attachment host, such as Asana, Dropbox, Google Drive or Box, the name of the attached file with its creation date, and a progress bar if there’s an attachment being uploaded.

Hill88 — Attachments

Add Attachment
The current version 2.3.0 supports adding new and existing photos and videos, as well as documents from Dropbox.

Hill88 — Add Attachment

Attachment Options
Selecting an Attachment allows to either open it in the document viewer or to copy the download / view attachment url in case you want to open it in your web browser of choice, or to insert the link into an email or document.

Hill88 — Attachment Options

View Attachment
Opening the attachment opens a file preview that displays the contents of the file as well as a menu containing various options to preview the file, open or share it using another app, copy, print and more depending on the file type.

Hill88 — View Attachment
Hill88 — Share Attachment

Other improvements & bug fixes

  • Improved visual appearance of colors for projects and tags in menu
  • Updated localizations
  • Changed the behavior when deleting a parent task. Subtasks don’t get deleted anymore
  • Selecting a workspace shows now by default “My Tasks” (iPad only)
  • Fixed issue that causes the go pro screen to show for pro version
  • Fixed issue where the sync graphic would not be updated on task list screen when list changes to or from empty state
  • Fixed issue that could cause the task name field to be reset when typing task name over multiple lines
  • Fixed an issue where the download / preview url wouldn’t be copied to the pasteboard when selected from the attachment action sheet
  • Fixed issue where app would crash when editing task name while the background data sync completes
  • Fixed issue where task list sync would occasionally not sync correctly