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This Startup Helps You Score Paid Internships Abroad

Have you ever considered living and working abroad, maybe you’ve never visited that country where you would like to become a working resident, and not sure if the “living abroad” concept could just be a temporary idea in your head. Well here is a great opportunity to get a sample taste of what it is like to live and work abroad, for short durations while getting paid.

Planet Expat provides a unique opportunity for students and recent graduates to gain valuable professional and cultural experiences through career-boosting paid internships at some of the most innovative and dynamic startups within Latin America, Europe and the USA. Many students within the US are able to apply for a “study abroad” program within their respective university, however these study abroad programs do not provide the students with the opportunity to gain a solid internship or working experience while abroad. This is where the startup Planet Expat excels, by connecting students with promising and established startups abroad enabling them to gain valuable professional experience within international environments while also being key contributors to growing startups.

During a recent discussion with Yamin Chalabi and Sophie Vurpillot, the founders of Planet Expat, they saw that most students didn’t have access to great internship opportunities because about 85% of internships advertised are mainly for large companies and there were nothing for small businesses and startups. So they wanted to create a company that would allow students and professionals who are looking for internships and opportunities to travel to be able to find jobs somewhere abroad.

Planet Expat also helps startups through consulting offerings and effectively sourcing the right interns to fit their company’s needs, through their extensive recruitment network and thorough interviewing process. Once the startup company decides to hire someone, Planet Expat offers the intern their “pre-departure” support which helps the student with their visa application process and ensuring that they have everything they need for their travel arrangements. They are also very instrumental in helping hired candidates to find a good housing accommodation and adjusting to the different laws and regulations of their new land, in order to ensure a smooth transition and a pleasant experience in their new home.

Although they provide an incredible internship experience, these opportunities and internships are designed to be full-time working hours per week, and they’ve created some rules around how companies would pay students. Some of their most popular destination cities includes New York, San Francisco, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Paris, Bucharest, Amsterdam, etc. Planet Expat provides opportunities all across the board for students of various backgrounds including engineering, finance and audit, marketing and communications, operations, sales, business development, and more. Here are some of the current opportunities.

Sophie and Yamin were business consulting and finance industry veterans prior to starting Planet Expat, where the idea began as a result of their success in helping their friends from France and Germany to get jobs or internships in New York City where they lived. They were accepted into the Startup Chile Accelerator (which is now the largest startup accelerator in the world) and launched the company in the fall of 2012, and are continuing to grow their offerings into new cities and countries. Sophie, is also very involved with the World Entrepreneurship Forum organization, and for the past two years have successfully led the ignition of the Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum in Chile and brings together hundreds of entrepreneurs and aspirers to connect with each other and engage in skill-building workshops.

Ready to take the next step in an exciting career boost? Apply Here with Planet Expat.

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