We’re Coming Soon!

Are you a startup looking to hire? Look no more for best tips and advice on how to hire.

I am a serial entrepreneur. This is my 4th startup, and the one factor I have found to be critical to success across my ventures is hiring. And it starts right from recruiting your co-founders and is a perpetual process as important to the success of your business as Sales.

I will be launching the first story of this blog series about essentials of hiring very soon here. The aim is to help startup founders and talent acquisition managers in fast growing companies get ideas to solve the biggest challenge for any company — hiring awesome talent.

This blog will contain a mix of high level philosophical thoughts on hiring and very practical ‘how-tos’ on using tools available to recruiters. We’ll cover everything from employer branding to using an ATS to free online tools to attract application to assessing applications to ensuring that your desired candidate actually joins the company.

We’d love to hear from you on what you would like to read about. Send us an email at blog@myunnati.com with your suggestions.