Welcome to Industrial Design — Response

Quinn Woodhead

May 4 2020

ME 120

Welcome to Industrial Design Response

The History of Industrial Design chapters were targeted for the modern day designers and engineering, or aspiring ones. It aimed to provide a foundation for these sectors with relevant historical information and defining key aspects. The text reveals assumptions about the audience — pointing towards a preconceived assumption that these rapid technological advancements are only beneficial, some would argue the opposite. It also assumes a basic understanding of history and simple design topics which its target audience would understand. The text also embodies values of creativity and historical significance, consistently praising nuanced design and giving credit to key historical landmarks. It makes note of key historical events that still have impacted advancements of design. It values products for the living and working to maintain efficiency. The author also shows the importance of how aesthetics can be influenced by technology.

The target audience for the “Black People Invented Everything” essay is everyone due to their ill informed nature surrounding design. The authors aim to give credit to black designers and engineers who are largely forgotten or mis-credited. The author’s wording and tone shows disappointment over these people’s lack of credit and resentment for early American, white, ways of doing and thinking. The voice in each essay is very different. The former was very informationally focused and aimed to convey a timeline and key points. The latter essay was more opinionated and focused on making a point about the wrongdoings of design history.



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