3 ways to grow your money with home online business

Is it possible to make too much moneys?


All people in America dream to make money. Today I show three best ways to work from home and make more money than even you see in dream.

I am experience. When I arrive in America, I nothing. Next day have first online home business blogging.

You also can have online home business blogging. Here is how:

First step is tell your boss goodbye, you are at home now.

Most important when work from home is make sure you are easy. This means wear the good pajama. Silk pajama are best. They are light and soft. Also comfort. Comfort important because you are on sofa long time.

Also in bed. No need rise and shine when work from home. Can stay in bed all morning if mood strike. This really a great thing.

So don’t waste whole day trying to get comfort, just get the silk pajama. They are expensive than other pajama, but you not worry about this. Soon you make more money than Mr. Jeff Bezos, and he also wearing silk pajama. So better pajama now one less thing to concern later.

Next step is open the PayPal.

The PayPal is where our money come from, and maybe it is more important than pajama. That is something to say, for pajama pretty big.

Imagine airplane with hole in side, and money suck through hole, only backward. This is Paypal. We are inside plane, waiting.

Next step is to make a blog on WordPress.

It is easy. You can do it.

Next step is choose topic for blogging.

I choose property business. In my country I have no property so I know nothing, but America say no experience necessary, and it is true. Just need big face for bullshit.

Choose best topic and then writing.

Now you have first online home business. Well done.

Second home business you make cat video.

Also no experience necessary, but this time need cat.

Cat video big in America. It like money tap. I not understand how money come, and nor do you. But this is not important. Only thing that matters is it come. It come a lot.

You make cat video funny. You teach cat trick. American like see cat driving car, maybe smoking pipe. If cat chase tail, or cat walk into wall, this will be great. Don’t try be smart, it hopeless.

Put cat video on YouTube. Take care. Money sometime arrive so fast you may surprise and have light feeling in head.

Third home business is blogging.

I know first business also blogging, but this is different blogging. You can have as many bloggings as make you happy.

In this blogging I English teacher.

All people in America want to learn English, so this really the business.

So every day you are writing your blogging, and every day people are buying things on your WordPress. Even you don’t know what these things are, they are there.

So there. Home online business is the good life. For example, you want eat in nice restaurant. You turn on the PayPal and wait on couch in your silk pajama. One hour later money come. You have nice time.

Don’t forget to turn off the PayPal, or sometime too much money come. Take it easy.

With home online business it is not necessary you are even alive. My friend Josh a truck run him over and still his WordPress make 500 dollar every day.

This really the top business.