A warning to Packers fans regarding Michael Bennett

Don’t be that guy

The news about what happened to Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett continues to spread like wildfire. The Seahawks will visit Green Bay on Sunday, September 10. This event will provide a unique opportunity for Green Bay Packers fans to show the world what they’re made of.

In short, Bennett was allegedly subjected to violent racial profiling late last month as he walked the streets of Las Vegas among thousands of others after the Mayweather/MacGregor prize fight. He was targeted and threatened, apparently because he is black. He considered it shameful, humiliating and terrifying.

It is also exactly the type of behavior many NFL players are currently protesting with their actions (either kneeling, sitting, or raising of fists) when the National Anthem is played before each NFL contest. The issue is now, again, unfortunately, ever more in stark relief.

Attendees of the Green Bay Packers / Seattle Seahawks game on Sept. 10 have a unique opportunity to show their character in response.

Don’t be that guy

  • Do not be the guy that swears at Bennett and the Seahawks as they take the field.
  • Do not be the guy that threatens to blow Bennett’s f*cking head off, like the Las Vegas police department did.
  • Do not be the guy that mimes pointing a gun at Bennett or other Seahawks.
  • Do not be the guy that displays a Las Vegas police badge in a sign, or wear a costume of a Las Vegas police officer.
  • Don’t be the guy that tries something else stupid and unfeeling to try to make a point.
  • Don’t be that guy.

This unfortunate event, in combination with the growing protests from NFL players and supporters could become a turning point for improved racial equality, or it could become a flashpoint for more divisiveness.

Don’t be that guy.

Bennett has become a symbol for American police abuse of power, quite by accident. You, the Green Bay Packers fans in attendance have an opportunity to re-shape the American perspective on unjust police practices and American racial equality. You can make it better or worse.

Use this situation to help heal America. Push us in the right direction. It is coincidence that the Seahawks are playing in Green Bay a few days after this news broke. Green Bay Packers fans are certainly no more nor less woke or racist than any other NFL fan base. It’s just that all eyes will be on you this Sunday afternoon.

Show class. Show respect. Show tolerance. If you are those things. The opportunity is yours.

Don’t be that guy that isn’t. Because if you’re not, you’re going to be seen. We’ll all be watching.

© julian rogers