What It Means To Be A Blogger
Karin Taglang

Blogging is like passing a football

image by KaterBegemot, via Wikimedia Commons

One of football’s most famous aphorisms is this: “When you pass the ball, one of three things happen. Two of them are bad.” This quote is usually attributed to famed Ohio State Buckeyes coach Woody Hayes. It is also attributed to (equally anachronistic) Texas Longhorns coach Darrell Royal.

Blogging, like football, invites the perils of the two bad things. Instead of incompletions or interceptions, blogging invites ignorance and condemnation in addition to the one other possible (and rare) outcome: praise.

If you blog long enough, you’ll get to decide which is worse: your content falling on deaf ears, or your content inviting the blogosphere to heap scorn upon your words, character and right to exist.

And occasionally, someone will like it. Even rarer, many will like it and will tell you so. (Touchdown!)

So, blog if you must. Do it for any other reason and you are asking for heartache — approximately 2/3 of the time.

Julian Rogers | @thejujueye | Juju Eye Communications, LLC