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Come back, Sherlock. Don’t quit on us now.

We need a better ending

Yes, it is maudlin. And worse. To this point, it’s the most false of moves this highly engrossing series has made. Making Mary Watson the dead cheerleader for Holmes and Watson is just silly and worse — jarring in its ham-handedness. The series didn’t need her to wax poetically about the grand duo of Holmes/Watson as heroes in her “watch this because I’m dead” video recording.

It’s ridiculous. We’re supposed to believe her character is creating this last message in the event of her death because she wants to be a Holmes/Watson fangirl? Her character has more important matters to consider, like why she is compelled to create a final message for her husband and — this is the big one — her infant daughter, from which she is now permanently removed? It’s just the wrong person to have do that.

I don’t know why Gatiss and Moffat felt this ribbon-tying sentimentality was necessary, but if any character should have done it, it shouldn’t have been Mary Watson. We watch the show. We’re already fans. We don’t need her dripping with enthusiasm for their amazing exploits.

How about Molly who can exercise her unrequited feelings? Or Anderson, who sadly was dropped in season four, but was a Sherlock fanboy of his own in earlier episodes? Or Greg LeStrade, giving him some minor heft as an actual policeman recounting the Holmes/Watson cases.

Or really, how about Moriarty? The show desperately needed more Moriarty. Andrew Scott lit up the screen when he reappeared in The Final Problem. He could have provided so much more context, mystery and sinister intent by being the voice on the tape urging Sherlock on via menace. And we would have gotten more Moriarty. Nobody was asking for more Mary Watson.

And since I’m complaining, I also didn’t like the fiery explosion escape that saw both Holmes and Watson dive through second story windows in a ball of fire and, apparently, emerge virtually unharmed in the ensuing scenes. Not even a limp. That kind of ludicrous, Michael Bay-ish, over-the-top action porn belongs in lesser vehicles, like Lethal Weapon.

That and the closing Batman-and-Robin-esque freeze frame shot of the dynamic duo leaping off the steps in a sprint was just hokey. It looks like they plan on ending it. But I say go back to square one and finish it on a higher note.

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