Greetings from New Jersey fellow Amerikans citizens

Donald Trump’s vacation postcard

Dear U.S. states citizens like me (except Robert Mueller):

I wanted to take time out from my working, non-restful golf meetings and phone talkings to greet population. It is summer in New Jersey where I am which is part of Amerikan states. I know it is unfair that I can only be in one states at one time but there are many thing that are unfair to the PRESIDENT.

I am enjoy time even though unfairness to me, PRESIDENT TRUMP, is worst ever. Everyone believe summer is great despite unfairness and investigations into common business dealings. It is great to wins election! I just said that to son Donald, Jr. who is here with me with no Russians. He and every one agree. They live in states too.

It is hot like Black Sea in summers time. Although I have never been to Russian side, I hearing New Jersey WHERE I AM is almost as nice as Yalta. No need to wonder about occupying Georgia. It is very nice U.S. state only and nothing peoples should worry about. I am PRESIDENT of that state too. So hot here I could drink one Amerikan beers or два. Not fan of vodka because I am born in New York and is not far from here.

I wishes you were here for me to give bear-hugs too, like mother did to me in summer dacha before I was legally elect PRESIDENT by U.S. voters. Do not forget there is FAKE NEWS about PRESIDENT all the time, even when I am vacation in New Jersey, especially from Adam Schiff.

Have great summer vacations!