Guns make us safe, strong and American

You can carry a gun, or you can be this guy (Credit: John Wick Chapter 2, Lionsgate/Warner Bros)

America is the land of The Strong, The Brave, The Free. When you’re talking about America, those words deserve to be capitalized. Without question Americans are the strongest people to ever dominate this planet.

Then why do we weaken ourselves by depriving our citizens of the right and common-sense practice of carrying guns?

The right to walk into a grocery store with an assault rifle is clearly in our Bill of Rights, even more clearly when you ignore that vague “well-regulated militia” part. And carrying guns around in public just makes sense. Collectively we’re safest when the good guys are armed. And who doesn’t want to feel safe?

Sadly, quite a few people want to deprive us of our liberty and security. And those deniers of freedom seem to start with P, which explains a lot.

I want to feel safe when I’m flying, and I definitely don’t want terrorists taking over my plane. But our nanny state (and all other nations on our nanny planet) stupidly forbid good law-abiding passengers from carrying guns on the plane.

Our public officials should feel safe, especially at work. Yet even those elected officials who wisely support the NRA and brilliant accept its campaign contributions object to upstanding citizens carrying weapons into state and federal buildings.

With the recent spate of school shootings, we can all agree that children deserve to go to school in a safe environment. Yet nobody is willing to even entertain the notion of allowing our K-12 kids to carry even a small caliber handgun to class.

I can’t even grab my AR-15 and walk into a police station, a place with brave law-abiding men and women who themselves are armed! I don’t understand why the police (along with airline pilots, politicians, teachers, and my ex-wife) object to me contributing to the strength and security of the nation by grabbing a loaded weapon and standing guard.

Casinos need to be safer, with people losing money and tempers high and adrenaline pumping. Same with sporting events. Yet these wholesome institutions of family fun put us all at risk by banning guns. Disneyland also prohibits weapons, only because it’s in communist California.

Thankfully I can walk around town with a Desert Eagle .50 hand-cannon strapped to each thigh in 45 states. This makes me and those 45 open carry states a lot safer.

Now if I spot some shady person walking around town with a gun and I think he might do some harm — I can stand my ground and stop him! I might even get the drop on a would-be criminal and shoot him before he even sees me, or can draw his gun and hurt somebody.

My ex-wife asked me if I was worried that somebody might see me carrying, mistake me for a bad guy, and shoot me. She was always full of fear and doubt and stupid logic. That’s why we didn’t work out. Plus her grandfather on one side is Irish and her grandmother on the other is English. That makes her half un-American.

So I carry weapons wherever I can. And I try to carry them a lot of places I can’t. And I don’t water down my resolve with reflective questions or talking to idiots who disagree with me.

That’s what being Strong and Brave and Free and American is all about.