How CBGB’s hardcore punk matinees in 1986 are the same as riding New York’s G Train in 2018

You may get the sudden urge to dive off of a platform headfirst.

You come home stinking from the pits.

You can’t make out half of what the screaming person in front of you is trying to get across. If they’re bad, try to ignore them.

Awful timing.

If the mood hits you, you might start picking up change.

If somebody falls down, help ’em up. Just don’t make a big thing about it.

Someone will step on you.

Sticky floors.

You can see Bad Brains anytime.

No talking during important announcements!

There’s a deranged man swinging a backpack around and that backpack is full of bricks.

Your Doc Martens + Fred Perry shirt do not mean anything, poser.

Do not make eye contact.

7 Seconds! Sick Of It All!

Most of the tracks suck.

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