I just heard the name of the Chabad Synagogue’s killer. And I’ve already forgotten it.

You accomplished nothing. You are forgotten.

julian rogers
Apr 28 · 4 min read

I’m terrible at remembering names. Sometimes I worry too much about how to make a new introduction go smoothly to concentrate on someone’s name. No such concern about your name, you subhuman piece of shit.

You’re nothing. Actually, you were nothing. And you made certain that anything you do in the rest of your miserable life will amount to nothing. Anything you did up to this moment was nothing. And now you’re less than nothing. I don’t even know your name.

Nobody cares about who you are. You wanted to make your mark? You failed. You suck. You don’t matter. You cannot do anything. And you never will. You took that away from yourself.

How does that feel? I can’t wait to not hear your answer. Because you’re nonexistent now. You’re just like all the rest of fortune’s fools. Morons who bought a bullshit cause and tried to prove their worth by killing innocent people.

You think they’re the “other”? You’re the “other.” You. Not them. You outed yourself as the lone moron who can be duped into someone else’s evil plans. You’re a tool. A fool for history. Except for one thing: You won’t make history. Nobody cares who you are. You’re just another fucking piece of shit who had no idea how to live life. You sucked at life. You will suck for all time.

No matter

Why does your cursed action not matter? They never do. All the spree killer morons of history learn this after the fact. You get nowhere by killing innocents. You gained nothing. You think you took one for your team? Did it for the cause? Even your co-morons aren’t with you anymore. You blew it all. You could not possibly be more stupid. If anything, you only strengthened the bonds and resolve of the people you considered less than you. You united the world against you. Or you would have, if any of us knew who the fuck you are. Which we don’t. We just hate the likes of you. That’s enough for us. You don’t matter.

I don’t care if you’re sick. Because I don’t know who the fuck you are. You’re not a consideration.

You could have been. You chose to not be.

No existence

Why do you still not matter after this? You’re too late. Even though I can remember the names of the two shits who shot up the students and teachers of Columbine, that’s it for name recognition for dumbass, fucking moron, broken shits like you. That was two decades ago, dumbfuck. All kinds of fucking morons as evil and stupid as you have done what you just did before. Nobody is keeping track and shuddering at the names of all you fucks. Because we don’t remember your names. All you spree killer limp-dicks are nameless to history.

Every once in awhile a news headline pops up that reads, “name-of-dumbass-fuckstick sentenced for deaths of …” You know how newsworthy that is? Zip. Nobody remembers his name. We have to be reminded of what stupid, pointless, evil thing he did. Then we go, “Oh, yeah. Fuck him.” And we move on with our lives.

Because you and they are trash. Nothing more.

Who are you? Nobody asks that, actually. We don’t care. You don’t matter. Nobody will ask about you. Do you consider yourself more evil or more stupid? Nobody cares, you bottomless void.

If anyone that is or was close to you defends your actions or beliefs … fuck them too. You drug them down with you. But we won’t remember who the fuck they are either. But forever they will live with the shame of being associated with a shit-stain on humanity. They’ll live in fear of being found out.

The good news for them: Most of us won’t have any idea who they are affiliated with, until they do something stupid like admit to knowing you. Of course, they’ll have to explain who you are because you are the embodiment of inexpiable, evil waste of human time and effort. Until such time as they stupidly talk about you, you don’t exist. You don’t matter. Then when they do, you’ll matter even less. You don’t matter and they don’t matter. You took that from them, in the course of your meaningless actions and wasted life.

You never should have been born, whoever the fuck you are. Same to your brethren. Now disappear like the good moron you have proven yourself to be. Too late. You already have. I don’t know who the fuck you are.

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