If Trump’s Access Hollywood tape led to #MeToo, when is HIS reckoning?

I’ve been writing a lot about sexual harassment lately and, to be honest, it’s really grossing me out. So much of having to delve into this reminds me of the incidents in my life, many of which were things I laughed off until women started to come forward. I’m in a constantly ambivalent state wherein one part of me wants so badly for this to happen, for this to lead to change, and the other part just wishes it was all over. I’m tired of being triggered. I’m tired of reliving these incidents in my life, one of which I’ve had to re-enter therapy to deal with. I’m just tired.

But one thing I’ve noticed whenever a new allegation comes out, is that the victim invariably says that Trump’s election after that notorious Access Hollywood (note: As a Bojack Horseman fan it’s physically difficult for me to not write “Hollywoo”) tape is what triggered them to speak out after so many years.

I can see why.

The fact that this country elected a predator, and will likely elect a child predator on December 12th is disgusting. But, hey, that’s America right?

Today, Kirsten Gillibrand, among others, called on Al Franken to resign. That may be a good call, or it might not — I don’t know. What I DO know is that, every time someone is called upon to resign OR receive any consequences for their sexual misconduct, there needs to be an asterisk that reads:

*Oh, and by the way our MOTHERFUCKING PRESIDENT, Donald J. Trump, has also been accused of similar misconduct.

Every time this should happen. For every Al Franken at the top of our news-feed, we need to be reminded that, in addition to Al Franken’s behavior, one man’s escape from these consequences led to this. He’s still sitting in the White House. He’s still got the nuclear codes. He still holds, in his power, the ability to make or break us all.

So … did we just miss the window? Did Trump need to be accused of sexual misconduct in 2017 to actually face consequences for his behavior?

The crude part of me is thinking: “Geez, who does Trump have to blow to get a mention in this litany of silences broken, of women speaking up?” Do the upwards of twenty women who came forward last year not matter because they were a year early, or because they didn’t put a snazzy hashtag next to their statements?

So, I’m calling you out, media outlets. The violation of women isn’t dollar signs. It isn’t just another story you can use to garner more hits until the fervor dies down. This is happening for a reason, and that’s the fact that we elected a man into office after learning that he forces himself on women.

And I know what you’re saying, conservatives. What about Bill Clinton? Sorry, but I can’t go back in time and make people care more about sexual harassment. They didn’t then, and they barely do now. This is being used as a political chip, and you all know it. Bill was wrong, and so is Trump. But, guess what? Other than unflattering media coverage, I haven’t seen any consequences for his actions. Even if only half of the woman coming forward are telling the truth (far below the average for misreporting), that’s still ten women. Bill Clinton was one of only two presidents impeached in history. Trump muttered a lame apology for his comments on the Access Hollywood tape, claimed his accusers were liars, and then got elected president two months later.

So, when is Trump’s reckoning? I would really like to know? Because, while he lies in his 1,200 thread-count White House sheets tweeting about the doughy physique of world leaders, we’re still here. And we’re waiting.